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Tablet vs eReader: Which One Is It Better To Read On?


Many times this doubt arises between tablets and eReaders like which one is better to read on. In this tablet vs eReader guide we will try to explain what makes them different from each other and which one take an edge over the other. So let’s start:

You may be asking yourself the following questions:

  • Can you read on a tablet?
  • Can tablets be used to read ebooks?
  • What is the price of a tablet? What is the price of an eReader?
  • Tablet or eReader, which one to go for reading books comfortably?
  • What is an eReader? What is a tablet?

You can read the entire article but we give you a good summary in the following table.

Tablet vs eReader

Characteristics Tablet eReader What does it mean?
Screen type LCD (backlight) E Ink (electronic ink) The eReader screen is better for reading. The tablet for games and multimedia content
Use in dark Yes Yes Most eReaders have LEDs for reading in the dark. Tablets have a backlit screen.
Battery from 3 to 7 days about 15 days EReaders use less battery power because of the type of screen they have.
Weight Heavier Less heavy eReaders: good ergonomics to hold them.
Hardware More powerful Less powerful Tablets: all kinds of use. eReaders: we use them to read books
Software (apps) Plus Less You can do more with a tablet than with an eReader
Applications Reading, games, videos, internet … Reading books Many uses vs a single use
Half life A few years Many, many years An eReader can easily last you up to 10 years.
Price From 60 to 1000 euros From 80 to 250 euros High-end tablets like iPads can be very expensive

What Is A Tablet vs What is an eReader?

  • Tablet: It is a portable electronic device that is larger than a smartphone, with a touch screen that emits light and with which you can interact with your fingers or a Pen, without the need for a physical keyboard or mouse like on a computer.
  • E-book Reader or eReader: We sometimes call it ebook for short although in reality the term refers to the book itself. It is an electronic device that reproduces the contents of electronic books (ebooks), with a reading quality similar to paper books thanks to the electronic ink or E-Ink technology.

Main Differences Between A Tablet And An eReader


The main difference between an e-book reader and a tablet is the screen. Tablets use backlit LCD screens, while eBook readers have E Ink screens.

How Does An E-Ink Screen Work And What Is It For In An eReader?

Nuevo kindle 2019

E Ink screens are designed to perfectly simulate a sheet of paper, that is, to mimic the appearance of ink on paper. They are NOT backlit and do not emit light like LCD screens.

Result? The reading experience is much better, as your eyesight does not tire. We can also read in direct sunlight, quite the opposite of tablet screens, which reflect a lot of light and it is quite uncomfortable to read in broad daylight.

Since e-ink displays do not emit light, battery life is much longer than in the case of tablets (of the order of 8 weeks compared to the week of tablets).

Can’t use an eReader in the dark? If you can. Some eReader displays have built-in light, meaning that light is directed towards the screen rather than outward, so it is very different from that emitted by a backlit LCD screen. They are very efficient and require little energy.

The battery life of an e-book reader with a built-in light can last for several weeks on a single charge, even reading every day, while most tablets max out around 10 hours of continuous use.

Battery: Tablet vs eReader

What was said. The battery of an eReader will last you much longer than that of a tablet. While with an eReader you have a battery for several weeks, with a tablet you will only have several days at most in the high-end models.

It is the price you pay for having a color screen, being able to use several apps at the same time and having more powerful hardware.

Convenience: Tablet vs eReader

ereader para lectura

If you are going to read for many hours, it is clear that you need an eReader: they are less heavy, can be held with one hand and your eyes will not get tired. For occasional readers, a tablet can be used to read the Lord of the Rings in one stroke!

Hardware & Software: Tablet vs eReader

eReader vs Tablet: hardware y software

A tablet is designed to do much more than an eReader. It has to have more RAM, more storage, they have a camera, a color screen etc, They can’t be compared. They serve for different things.

The same thing happens with software: on the tablet you need more versatile software, capable of handling many more options. On the other hand, for an eReader we only need it to be able to read comfortably. You don’t need to edit documents, play video games, or edit videos.

Usage: Tablet vs eReader

They can be used for very different things, and their prices are different too. Generally an eReader is going to be cheaper than a tablet, although there are already tablets like the Kindle Fire that cost around $100 (they are low-end) and eReaders like the Kindle Oasis, which cost about $300.

What Is An eReader Used For?

Nuevo e-reader Kindle Oasis, resistente al agua, pantalla de 7” (17,7 cm) de alta resolución (300 ppp), 8 GB

E-book readers are specifically designed for reading ebooks, being able to do other tasks in a very limited way (surfing the internet, playing music etc. but its main function is reading.

eReaders like the Kindle focus more on their own content, offered by Amazon. We can add other types of content thanks to programs like Caliber, but it is not as immediate as in tablets.

What Is A Tablet Used For?

Lenovo TAB4 10 - Tablet DE 10.1

Tablets can be used as e-book readers, but they can also play video, surf the Internet, send emails, take photos, use games and applications etc.

An advantage of tablets over eReaders: On a tablet we can use different reading applications.

For example: on an iPad we can have the Amazon (Kindle), iBooks (Apple) or Google Play reading applications installed.

Therefore, with a tablet we will be able to access more content, including electronic books, but if you want to have a good reading experience, you will always have to buy an eReader with electronic ink, it is the electronic device that best simulates reading in a paper book.

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