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PS4 vs XBox One: Which One To Buy?


Are you one of those who take things easy and you still do not have a PS4 (PlayStation 4 Pro or Slim) or an Xbox One (S or X)? If yes then the first thing you might have noticed is that they are no longer as expensive as when they were launched. But you are going to have to resolve an important question, PS4 vs Xbox, which of these two game consoles to buy?

Both have their strengths and weaknesses, and both are the best game consoles you can buy. We are going to give you 5 reasons to buy the PS4 and 5 reasons to buy the XBox One and then you decide which one to go for.

The problem comes in 2022 as both Sony and Microsoft are going to launch their new models of video consoles, the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X, both a substantial improvement over the older models. You can always opt for the older and surely cheaper models since this Christmas, but if you want the next-generation console, the fight has changed.

PS4 vs XBox One: Which One Is More Preferable For A Buy?

Before going into details, something better is interesting to put a table with the technical specifications:

PS4 Xbox One PS4 Pro Xbox One S
CPU 1.6GHz 8-core AMD Jaguar 1.75GHz 8-core AMD 2.1GHz 8-Core AMD Jaguar 1.75 GHz 8-Core AMD
GPU 1.84 TFLOP AMD Radeon AMD a 853MHz 4.2 TFLOP AMD Radeon AMD a 914MHz
4K No No AND Contenido en streaming, gaming «upscaling»
Storage 500GB & 1TB 500GB & 1TB 1T 500GB/1TB/2TB
USB 2 x USB 3.1 3 x USB 3.0 3 x USB 3.1 3 x USB 3.0
WiFi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi (2.4GHz & 5.0GHz) Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi A/B/G/N 2.4GHz y 5GHz 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi (2.4GHz & 5.0GHz) Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi A/B/G/N/AC 2.4GHz y 5GHz
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0 Bluetooth 4.0 Bluetooth 4.0 Bluetooth 4.0

If we go specifically to the Xbox One S vs Xbox One X:

Processor 8-core Jaguar “Evolved” CPU a 2.3GHz 8-core Jaguar CPU a 1.75GHz
Storage 1TB 500GB, 1TB o 2TB
Graphics 40 CUs (1,172Mhz) 6 TF GPU 36 CUs (911Mhz) 1.23 TF GPU
Ports HDMI-in; HDMI-out; 1 USB 3.0 frontal ; 2 USB 3.0 traseros; IR; SPDIF para audio digital; Ethernet HDMI-in; HDMI-out; 1 USB 3.0 frontal ; 2 USB 3.0 traseros; IR; SPDIF para audio digital; Ethernet
Disk drive 4K UHD Blu Ray 4K UHD Blu Ray
Price 366$ From 309$

5 Reasons To Buy XBox One Instead Of PS4

1. Compatibility With Old Games

Microsoft announced the compatibility of this console with the games of the XBox 360. More than 100 games were available for the new console without much effort online. The PS4 still can’t match this using discs, although you can subscribe to Playstation Now and play all those old titles online.

2. Windows 10

You can now play the XBox One games on your Windows 10 PC and Microsoft is working to offer the reverse path. We have also seen how Microsoft’s assistant, Cortana, came to the console. Microsoft is making a great effort to unify the gaming world of PC and consoles.

3. Exclusive Games for XBox One

Microsoft is starting to get the hang of it, and right now we have two totally exclusive incredible games: Halo 5 and Rise of The Tomb Raider.

Juegos exclusivos para XBox One: Halo 5

4. The Console Controls

This is for taste, but the XBox One controller is really good. In addition, Microsoft allows you to use the controls of the old XBox 360, a point in its favor.

5. Microsoft Is Striving To improve

It is a proven fact. Since the launch of the XBox One, the announcements regarding this console and its ecosystem have not stopped arriving, so hopefully things will continue to be much better in the future.

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy PS4 Instead Of XBox One


1. Graphics

The PS4 can run games at a higher resolution, frame rate (or both) than the Xbox One. This is not always the case, but it can be a compelling reason for choosing this game console. It is the most powerful game system you can get outside of the PC world.

This can be applied to the PS4 Pro vs the Xbox One S, but right now the tables have been turned, and the new Xbox One X is more powerful than the PS4 Pro.

2. Playstation VR


The virtual reality of the PS4 is one of its interesting gimmicks. You have to get one of those glasses. You will never see games the same way again. Xbox One has hololens, but it seems like a product dedicated to the business world.

3. Exclusive Games for PlayStation 4

The PS4 has some of the best exclusive titles for this platform like Bloodborne, Uncharted, and The Last Guardian. The XBox One also has some, but they are not as numerous as those of the PS4.

4. Market Leader

It is the game console that has been sold the most in recent years and that is evident in its collaborations with video game creators and its ability to optimize those games for the PS4.

5. Your Friends Has A PS4

Possibly your friends also have a PS4 and you can play online with them. A good reason to have a PlayStation 4 instead of an XBox One at home. Right?

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