New Aopen motherboards for the recent Pentium 4 platform


It equips the latest news from the world of computing, as well as DDRII memory at 533mhz and PCI-Express at 16x, a PCI-Express x1 extension slot also for the PCI slot, Gigabyte Lan and endless extras.

Let’s make some references in its technical / hardware section:

– Well, we can highlight, the incursion of a new sound system, the Azalia 7.1, designed by Intel, that will support Dolby Digital and that will work as a specialized multimedia platform, it can also be used in domestic media without any problem, it will leave a good taste of No doubt, since the latest Intel sound systems (see the southbrige ICH5 / -R that accompanies the i865PE and i875 chipsets, it is true that there have been some last minute updates and a sound system has been adopted similar to this one) in which its performance / quality did not leave the flag very high, far surpassed in this section by Nvidia’s Nforce2 for AMD.

– Regarding the DDRII, a bandwidth of 4.3gb is achieved in single channel mode, or what is the same, with a single memory module, if it is available in dual channel, that is, 2 memory modules the width of band rises to about 8.6gb, an outrage. The novelties that it has is that the voltage has been reduced considerably, going from 2.6v to 1.8v, thus achieving less heat and consumption, but that on the contrary it achieves higher latency values ​​and makes these better ones stay on the ground , and the performance with respect to the DDRI remains the same and sometimes worse, so it probably happens as with the memory of graphic cards, that the first generation of GDDR memories was superior to GDDR2, so they quickly released the GDDR3, much better.

– In the graphic section, it includes the new PCI-Express x16, which doubles the bandwidth, and the last day cards will hardly need extra power, since it will provide the entire PCI-E port on the motherboard. Regarding performance, we are the same as the DDRII, performance difference in most of the almost worse than the AGP 8x, this system had its eye on the Nvidia SLI system, which consisted of plugging in 2 graphics cards and thus, to obtain double the performance, and hence the bandwidth was doubled, since having two graphics cards, a large bandwidth is required.

– Intel GMA 900, is the new graphics card that has the AOpen i915Ga-EFRII integrated, compatible with Dx9 and Open GL, but its performance is very poor for people who like games, it is designed for sporadic use.

The plate has important extras, let’s see the most important:

– VividBios: the traditional BIOS color will be abandoned for one of 256 colors, it will make it more enjoyable and with GIF animations.

– Silentek: we can regulate the RPM of the fans and monitor their RPM and temperatures.

– V4 PowerEngine: abandon the 3 power phases and go to 4 phases. This makes it more OC stable, less heat is released from voltage regulators and performance is improved.

New Aopen motherboards for the recent Pentium4 platform, Image 2

A few last words, as it is being seen in performance compared to the previous DDRI and AGP 8x of the graphics, nothing has been advanced in terms of performance.

The same happens with its new processors and chipset’s, that the difference in performance compared to the previous generation is very little and sometimes the difference is below its predecessor. They have to improve a lot. This is already normal in Intel, since they always have to get a second revision, see for example the first P4 at 1.4ghz, which were lower than the PIII.

You can already buy these boards and processors, the processor mount on the motherboard is very delicate, since the processor integrates some very delicate pins that break with your eyes, you have to be careful.

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