Logitech MX Keys Advanced Wireless Keyboard Review 2022


If you are thinking of buying the new Logitech keyboard, the Logitech MX Keys, this review will come in handy. After testing it, we are already clear whether or not it is worth spending good money on this wireless keyboard, the younger brother of the Logitech Craft. Here is the detailed Logitech MX Keys Advanced wireless keyboard review for you.

Without a minute’s hesitation, this wireless keyboard is one of the best of the year, for office work, programming or design alike. It has a host of features that make paying its high price worth it really.

It has many configuration options, excellent workmanship, and very good battery life. The only downside is its price. Let’s see how he behaves in the review. It’s very important to customize it to your liking with Logitech Options – its full potential shines through doing so.

Logitech MX Keys – Getting Started and Features



  • Keys with Easy-Switch function to connect three devices
  • Connection via USB receiver or technology Bluetooth
  • With Unifying receiver and USB-C charging cable
  • With ambient light sensors and hand proximity sensors that activate the backlight
  • A full charge lasts 10 days (or up to 5 months with the backlight off)
  • With Logitech Options software on macOS and Windows.
  • With flow control to switch from one computer to another
  • Compatible con Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome, Android, iOS
  • Spanish keyboard (Qwerty): reference number: 920-009410
  • Dimensiones: 131,63 mm x 430,2 mm x 20,5 mm
  • Weight: 810 grams
Teclado Logitech MX Keys

As soon as you open the box, you will find some simple instructions to connect the keyboard to the computer. All very simple. You have two ways.

Select the one you like the most. We have had no problem with either of them. Set up on an iMac and an iPad Pro.

What is interesting is to download the Logitech Options program to configure and customize the keyboard and other Logitech devices that you have at home.

In the case of the keyboard, we start with a good tutorial in which they show you everything you can do with your new keyboard:

1. Backlight

logitech options teclado mx keys illuminacion

With two keys you can control the lighting of the keys, but it has sensors to know what intensity you need and if you are using the keyboard or not (it turns off and on only when you pass your hands over or remove them). It works really well.

logitech mx keys teclado retroiluminacion

The illumination of the keys is really light and does not disturb anything. It has a really nice spatial tone. Perfect for working nights. You can disable it in the Logitech Options program if you want to improve battery life up to 5 months!

2. Battery Level Notification

Notificación de nivel de batería Logitech Mx Keys

The LED is green if the battery is ok and red if you reach 10%. It lasts about 10 days with the lighting on. It charges very quickly via a USB-C cable. The connector is on the upper front right along with the power button.

logitech mx keys teclado

3. Customization of Keys

Personalización de teclas Logitech Mx Keys

You can configure your own shortcuts in the Logitech Options program. It is very simple. And you can even customize the keys just for certain programs.

Personalización de teclas Logitech Mx Keys

You go to the key customization menu and the ones that are marked are the ones that can be changed. Click on it and you get all the options.

4. Define F keys

Definir teclas F Logitech Mx Keys

You can use the Fn keys without pressing Fn. You can switch between the multimedia and Fn keys by pressing Fn + ESC. Very useful to improve your productivity.

5. Easy Switch

Easy Switch Logitech Mx Keys

A really interesting option to connect up to 3 devices with this keyboard. You press the key and switch devices. This feature is best used if you have a Logitech mouse like the Mx Master 3.

Eye! MX Keys can follow the cursor of the MX Master 3 (or any other Flow compatible mouse) from one computer to another, to write to multiple devices. You can transfer files, documents and images on Mac and Windows.

Logitech MX Keys – Design and Manufacturing

Logitech MX Keys Teclado

Spectacular. Finished in a shade of gray with concave keys perfect to follow the shape of the fingertips and rounded outer edges. These keys are wonderful to press, the fingers seem to float.

The touch is very pleasant and the route is just enough to notice that you are writing and enjoy it. And they also don’t sound like much. Perfect for writing for hours on end.

Its design is slim and has a slight incline. At the bottom it has 6 rubber bands so that it does not slide on the table. And at the top you have a strip with the wolf «Logi».

Everything seems premium as expected by the high price of the Mx Keys. It’s a keyboard designed to compete with Apple’s Magic Keyboard. And comparing it, the Apple keyboard does not win. No way!

Logitech MX Keys

The indications of the “more complicated” keys are really clear and visually they are easily and immediately reached (small white or white circles with a gray background).

You even have shortcuts to the calculator, screenshot, screen lock, multimedia controls to lower and raise the sound, pass songs, stop and start them (tested with Spotify), and in MacOS direct access to Mission Control, LaunchPad, show desktop, screen brightness.

Logitech MX Keys


Both its design, manufacture and extra functions make this keyboard the perfect companion to improve your productivity. It is an expensive membrane keyboard, but you will surely take advantage of it.

It is not suitable for gaming so you have to be clear about that, for that there are better keyboards.

But if you spend a lot of time in front of the computer programming, working and writing a lot (you are a writer) or with several computers at the same time, this is your keyboard.

Perfect for spending many hours writing without your fingers suffering, perfect for working at night due to its excellent backlighting, perfect for using several computers at the same time and writing on all (and if you accompany it with an MX Master 3 mouse, better than better).

The battery can last up to 10 days with the backlight on and up to 5 months without it, and you can connect it to your computer via Bluetooth or Logitech’s own receiver.

The only negative point of the Logitech MX Keys is that its price is high.

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