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4 Best Water Coolers For Gaming PC To Invest In

Looking to buy a high-quality water cooler that can keep your gaming PC cool and help it run effeciently? Here are the best water coolers for gaming PC that you can buy from Amazon in 2022.

Our Picks For The Best Water Cooler For Gaming PC

We spent 9 hours analyzing 22 models to conclude that the best water cooler for gaming PC in the market is the Corsair H100i RGB Pro XT. With its high performance and its many possibilities, it is an excellent alternative to coolers.
GamerGoblin’s Pick – Best Mid-Range

Corsair H100i RGB Pro XT

Corsair H100i RGB Pro XT

Presented as a benchmark for several years, this model continues to shine thanks to its exceptional performance that rivals even larger-format models.


The H100i Pro XT is the 240mm version of this AIO series. It is the most efficient solution on the market, which allows it to surpass certain references in 360 mm, yet much better equipped at the base. Corsair’s expertise in the field is easily felt and the two 120mm fans that equip it are perfectly suited to all types of configurations. This model is available in different dimensions: 120, 280 and 360 mm.

Best cheap

Arctic Liquid Freezer II

Arctic Liquid Freezer II


With its extremely low price, this model is the most affordable 240mm solution on the market. This does not prevent it from offering a very good level of performance, although much lower than the H100i.

The Liquid Freezer II is an efficient and quiet solution for anyone looking for affordable 240mm water cooling. It is equipped with a thicker radiator allowing it to maintain good temperatures, to the detriment of the bulk in your case. It is equipped in addition to a small additional fan to cool the VRMs (voltage regulation modules) of your motherboard. This model is available in different dimensions: 120, 280 and 360 mm.

Best high end

Corsair iCUE H150i Elite Capellix

Corsair iCUE H150i Elite Capellix


This 360mm model is the ultimate solution if you want efficient cooling while adding a touch of style to your setup. It also has relatively wide compatibility.

The beefiest version of the H100i, it has 3 120mm fans to deliver the best possible cooling. It is also equipped with RGB which allows you, using the iCUE software, to add style to your configuration. The fans themselves offer a wide range of use, ideal for best configuring your cooling. Note however that at full power, the H150i will mark its presence. However, it is still possible to adapt the settings to promote silence or balance the whole.

Mid-range alternative

Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360R

Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360R


The price / quality ratio of this model makes it an affordable 360mm solution. However, it remains one of the best in its category, is efficient and, above all, is quieter than a 240 mm solution.

The ML360R is Cooler Master’s answer in 360mm. It is presented as a balanced solution allowing it a good balance between performance and noise pollution (except at full power). Its price / quality ratio is also a benchmark because it is easily found for a price close to the 240 mm models, which are generally noisier. This model is also available in different sizes: 120 and 240 mm

Honorable Mentions

NZXT Kraken X53: An outsider lacking in arguments. Direct competitor of the models in our selection, it offers results similar to the Corsair H100i while being a little less complete (no RGB, optional Threadripper adapter). It remains all the same an interesting and qualitative alternative, which presents a performance / noise ratio more interesting than its adversary. There are also different sizes: 120, 140, 280 and 360 mm.

How To Choose The Best Water Cooler For Gaming PC?

Watercooling is often seen as a solution reserved for connoisseurs but with AIO systems, it becomes much more accessible and makes it possible to replace a cooler for more calorific solutions and therefore facilitates overclocking. However, these all-in-one models will never replace a completely custom solution, reserved for the elite and much more restrictive.

In this sense, we have deliberately discarded the models that could be qualified as “top of the range” because, apart from their often “gadget” additional functions, they do not present a real performance boost compared to the solutions in our selection.

  • Size: In the majority of cases, the most versatile solution is a 240 mm system. However, depending on your needs, it may be necessary to turn to 360mm to enjoy more silence. The 280 mm is a recent alternative to the 240 but its format is less easy to integrate into a housing standard. On the other hand, the 120 or 140 mm versions should be reserved for compact configurations where a standard cooler cannot be fitted.
  • Cooling Capacity: This criterion is determined by the type of fans, their speed of rotation and the size of the radiator associated with it. This last value is fairly standardized in AIO. To compare two models, we usually focus on their air flow, expressed in CFM. The higher the value, the greater the quantity of air passing through the radiator, the more the liquid is cooled and the more the temperature is controlled.
  • Quality of Fans: In the case of watercooling, it is advisable to use fans designed for static pressure (as opposed to standard box fans) and which therefore send / absorb air in a straight line through the radiator in order to promote cooling. Their maximum rotation speed (expressed in RPM) is also important: the higher it is, the more the air flow increases… while negatively impacting the noise level.
  • Software Solution: Generally linked to the manufacturer, it allows you to control the cooling from A to Z. Thus, you have the possibility to define different profiles, to configure the speed of the fan or the pump integrated in the AIO system but also, if it is present, to customize the RGB lighting. Generally, this type of system is coupled with a part dedicated to monitoring.
  • Compatibility: As for the coolers, it is necessary to base you on the socket of your processor to define the compatibility between your future cooling system and your configuration. In general, standard sockets are covered and only older versions or those designed for AMD Threadripper models can be problematic.

Note: During assembly, pay attention to the position of the pump in order to promote the flow of liquid and the circulation of air. In this sense, the two ideal positions in our opinion are on the front face, tubes down or on the upper part of the case, with a gap of about 2.5 cm between the top of the motherboard and the fans.

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