Best PS4 Joysticks That You Can Get For Cheap in 2022


At the time of making a purchase we know that there are many doubts about whether your purchase is appropriate or not, or if your product is the right one or if you are spending little on the best PS4 joystick. That is why we have made you a compilation of relevant data in a purchase decision.

In this article, we will provide you with knowledge about the different PS4 joysticks in the market and which is the one that best suits you and your needs.

The Most Important

  • In our shopping guide you can find the different questions that circulate in people’s minds. These will be resolved in a couple of questions, which will offer you a result to your question.
  • The criteria are an important basis in a purchase decision, therefore you will find different relevant characteristics of the best PS4 joystick, and this will help you to make a product comparison.
  • As we have emphasized, all the information you have in this post will give you support so that you can make a correct decision, since in the market you have many offers and it is necessary to have an information base to know how to choose.

The Best Joysticks for PS4: Our Top 6 Picks

In this section we will leave you a list of best PS4 joysticks that we consider to have the necessary characteristics to be considered a good purchase.


Railay Wireless Game Controller Compatible with PS-4 Console

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Railay Wireless Game Controller Compatible with PS-4 Console

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CHASDI PS4 Controller Wireless Bluetooth with USB Cable

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CHASDI PS4 Controller Wireless Bluetooth with USB Cable

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DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4 - Berry Blue

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DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4 – Berry Blue

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JAMSWALL PS4 Controller Wireless Gamepad Remote Joystick for PS4

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JAMSWALL PS4 Controller Wireless Gamepad Remote Joystick for PS4

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Piranha Chrome Blue Wireless Custom Controller for Playstation 4

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Piranha Chrome Blue Wireless Custom Controller for Playstation 4

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Razer Raiju Ultimate 2019, Wireless and Wired Gaming Controller with Mecha Tactile Action Buttons

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Razer Raiju Ultimate 2019, Gaming Controller with Mecha Tactile Action Buttons

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Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About the Best PS4 Joystick

The joystick is an essential element in your games, since with them you can play your best games. When choosing the best PS4 joystick, it is better to have references to know which one best suits your needs.

Friends playing ps4

What is a Joystick for PS4?

If you have reached this article it is because you will already have an idea about PS4 joysticks. Then you will know that the new generation of joysticks for PS4 are improved. 

With this remote you will be able to have more control in its handling when you are playing the playstation 4.


What Types Of Joystick For PS4 Are There?

There are different products and brands related to the controllers of playstation 4, officially in the ps4 package you will be included a joystick for PS4. However, you will always have the option to choose between other models of controls, other brands. The official brand of the joysticks is SONY.

Although there are also brands such as Nacon and Thrustmaster, which have an official PS4 license, which will offer you more quality. In the market you can also find white brands, of which they are not official but they are not bad either, although they do not have the same guarantee as the official ones.


DualShock Joystick hand lever
Characteristics It is a joystick with improved analog triggers, which you can use in a traditional way with both hands In this type of control you will have a lever for the right hand and an accelerator for the left hand, it is totally different from the conventional joystick . It is most useful for racing or aviation games.

What Types of PS4 joystick Chargers Are There?

Currently in the video game market we have different chargers available for PS4 joysticks. Usually we will have a USB cable as a charger which will be connected to our ps4 equipment, it is the simple way to charge.

Another of the most alternative and innovative ways of charging a PS4 controller is that of a charging station. Which acts as a “power bank” that is to say that you can transport it without having to be connected with the USB cable to the ps4 equipment.

Dependence Loading time
USB cable charging Its charge depends on how long it is connected to the computer through the usb cable. Therefore it will have to be connected for a certain time It takes at least 2 hours to fully charge the controller
ECHTPower charging station Its charging mode is more free, since you put it on the charging platform and that’s it. It is easy to transport, even when you are carrying it. It has two charging stations, for 2 joysticks for ps4 It takes between 2 to 3 hours to charge.

How can I protect my PS4 Joystick ?

We all have in common that we want our PS4 joystick to last longer and the easiest way to reach this goal is to protect it with protectors or use them safely. Sometimes the latter is a bit complicated due to the continuous manipulation of our controls.

That is why in the market we can find different accessories for our joysticks for ps4.

Which we can find some covers for the buttons, and also protectors for our levers. And on the other hand we will also find shells, which will serve to fully protect our command, these come non-slip, which makes our games more comfortable.


PS4 Joystick vs. PS4 Pro Joystick

Joystick ps4 Joystick ps4 Pro
Characteristics our conventional remote normally has the same characteristics as the pro. As we have already said, the joystick for ps4 is completely renewed and have appreciable improvements. This command has an upgrade in that it has a better grip, and its design is different from the conventional one. This remote is recommended for professionals. Characteristic 4 Type 2
Feature N Type 1 Feature N Type 2

What Types of Connections Does Our Joystick for PS4 have?

There are two ways to use our remote in terms of connectivity, although one is to connect it with USB. This way is the simplest connection since it is only to connect it through the USB port and that’s it. And also this will load the joystick for PS4.

On the other hand we have the connection via bluetooth . This is the freest way to use the controls, as it will give you more skill in your games. In this aspect you will not be connected to the USB port therefore you will not have the benefit of charging your controls.


Purchase Criteria

These would be one of the possible purchase criteria that we believe you should have when considering the different details that one command has with the other. We have compiled a number of relevant characteristics.

  • Weight
  • Connectivity
  • Benefits
  • Value for money
  • Compatibility


Weight is a very important element in terms of video game command controls, because this will make your play a more relaxed game. In other words, if you have a controller that weighs a lot, your hand will soon be exhausted and it will affect your play.

On the other hand, it is convenient to have a best-rated PS4 joystick that is lightweight. This will help your play to be more relaxed and not negatively impact the comfort of the game. In the market you will find controls with a weight of 210 grams.shake

Man with blue ps4 controller


Connectivity is also part of making your play comfortable and that you have no limits in terms of the movement you want to do at the moment. Regarding connection, the two ways that exist momentarily are that of a USB cable and that of bluetooth .

The connection through the USB cable is the safest because you will be 100% connected, but it will limit your freedom of movement since you will have to stay connected to the console.

On the other hand, bluetooth connectivity gives you much more freedom, since you do not have a delimitation of movements because you will not have a cable that prevents you from moving.


In terms of benefits, it is a key example to take into account. Since these will be important if you are choosing the best PS4 joystick. In some models you can find built-in microphones, stereo, and you can also share your games through a button that transmits it to your playstation 4 equipment.

Value for Money

Regarding the value for money, it is good to highlight the officiality of the controls, these will come at a higher price, but they assure you of good quality. You have many models of joystick for ps4, therefore you will have a range of prices and benefits.

The higher you go, the more benefits you will have and the better they will be. Although the basic PS4 joysticks have good performance.

White joystick on gray background


Regarding compatibility, it is good to emphasize that official controls are usually the best choice. Because these ensure a longer use, that is, in terms of updates made by official sources, this will be guaranteed that your controller is still available to connect to your playstation 4 equipment.


In a few words, we hope that this list of information that we have gathered for you has helped you. Remember that before making purchases, you ask yourself what your needs are and what you expect from a joystick. From that foundation you could go looking at the different options that we have left you and which ones are more adapted to the series of needs that have arisen.

In the market they have different varieties of offers, which is why it is increasingly difficult to decide on one type of product. Therefore, it is positive to find sources of information to be able to make a successful purchase. We hope this article has helped you.

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