Top 5 Best Playstation Controllers For FIFA (Review 2022)

Are you a FIFA player on PlayStation? if yes then you might be thinking of getting a new controller. Yes? Here we are, presenting you the top 5 best Playstation controllers for FIFA. Let’s explore them:

Our Picks For The Best Playstation Controller For FIFA

After 19 hours of research among 25 controllers, we have a clear preference for the Sony DualSense. It convinces with its multiple functions and efficiency, but also thanks to its attractive price/quality ratio.

Our Pick, Best Mid-Range

Sony DualSense

Who says new Sony console, says new controller. With its technological paraphernalia, the replacement for the DualShock 4 is the most modern controller on the market. However, it does not sacrifice ergonomics.

To make the most of your PlayStation 5, the best solution remains the official Sony controller for the sole reason that no other proposal allows you to enjoy PS5 titles (the fault of the compatibility voluntarily limited by Sony). Fortunately, this controller has many advantages that make it one of the best, if not the best, proposition on the market thanks to its many innovations: adaptive triggers, studied haptic feedback, etc. For those who would still like a minimum of customization, AIM Controllers offers you to concoct the ideal controller for you by choosing the colors of the different elements.

Best cheap

Hori Mini

Hori Mini


Compact and pleasant to use, its attractive design and its grip is ideal for young players or beginners. Its components are basic but demonstrate great practicality.

This small basic controller is ideal for young players or simply for lovers of multi-party games who do not want to put too high a price on additional controllers. Its compactness is also very suitable for small hands. If it is not suitable for any type of game, you will make good use of it for platform or fighting games. It is limited to PS4 games only.

Best high end

Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro

This controller combines precision and customization with additional keys configurable via software. Its comfort is added to its other qualities, which make it a model of competition.

Designed in collaboration with esports professionals, this controller is made for competition. Its rather massive look is similar to that which can be found at Nintendo or Microsoft, but it is much more worked. In hand, we directly felt the comfort and precision of the whole, fully adaptable to our needs. Despite a few small flaws, it has enough to compete with the original dualshock except in terms of price! Note however that it is only compatible with PS4 games because of Sony’s philosophy.

Cheap alternative

Hori Fighting Commander

Hori Fighting Commander


Fairly compact and light, this controller is intended above all for lovers of fighting games. It has interesting ergonomics and a layout of the keys suitable for this type of game.

This controller displays a neat ergonomics and quality of finish. Its symmetrical style and reduced size make it very pleasant to handle. Despite this, the Fighting Commander is not the most versatile solution. Thus, the absence of vibration and dedicated joysticks prevents it from being used with titles other than versus fighting or 2D platforming. It is reserved for PS4 games.

Mid-range alternative

Sony DualShock 4 v2

Sony DualShock 4 v2


Ergonomic, light, responsive and versatile, this wireless controller is also solid and eliminates the worries of latency. Its comfort is undeniable thanks to the soft keys and its triple connectivity.

With this model, Sony follows the first version, with few changes but always the desire to improve. It is undeniably the most popular on the market. Indeed, the brand sets the bar very high with this model. Lightweight and built with good materials, it conforms to the shape of the hand and offers a soft touch for zero-latency gaming sessions, whatever the game, as long as it is designed for the PlayStation 4.

Honorable Mentions

Hori Onyx: De asymmetry and too many compromises. This comfortable wireless controller has an autonomy of 20 hours. The asymmetrical placement of its keys wins points in terms of ergonomics while the buttons are flexible, precise, responsive and quite silent. However, its beautiful finishes do not make us forget the discreet vibrations and the lack of resistance of the L2 and R2 triggers. The lack of a light bar, gyro functions, speaker and jack are also lacking.

Nacon Asymmetric Wireless: A Dualshock inspired by Microsoft. Solid, this asymmetrical model comfortable in hand benefits from a judicious positioning of the joystick and the cross, as well as a pleasant trackpad. It works in Bluetooth (7 hours of autonomy) or via an imposing and fairly short USB dongle. Its buttons are responsive and you can feel the vibrations. However, it is quite heavy and takes a long time to load. In addition, no software is provided to configure the object while the cross and the triggers are a little stiff and imprecise. There is also no gyroscope.

How To Choose The Best Playstation Controller For FIFA?

The controller is the key element of a game console. However, the choice of this type of device depends not only on your budget, but also and above all, on the gamer you are.

While some people often take this factor lightly, you should know that several points should be taken into account before purchasing this product:

  • Compatibility: The PlayStation 5 offers quite specific compatibility. This is because PS4 controllers can be used for PS4 games (via backward compatibility) but not for PS5 games. Therefore, only DualSense can be used for these titles. This information should therefore be taken into account when making your purchase. Some controllers also offer compatibility with Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi or even iOS.
  • Connectivity: Some controllers offer triple connectivity (radio – to be favored because less latency -, wired, Bluetooth). The type of connection can influence the latency and responsiveness of the controller. For cordless use, be sure to check the battery or battery life, so you can last a whole day of playing. In wired mode, the length of the cable is important and must correspond to the distance you want to put between you and the Playstation, without it becoming cumbersome.
  • Playing Comfort: This criterion linked to ergonomics has an influence on the duration of use. The grip is favored by the presence of handles and the location of the keys. The joysticks, the directional cross, the triggers and the buttons must not be on top of each other to avoid handling errors. And the lighter the controller, the more bearable it is.
  • Components: These are important elements for the durability of the controller. So, depending on these components, you may or may not have a pleasant touch. In the heat of the moment, it must be able to withstand any shocks or falls. These can also influence the weight of the model.
  • Design: to a lesser extent but just as essential, the design can be improved by matt or smooth finishes as well as by the integration of bright lighting or colors.

Whatever happens, when making your purchase, don’t forget to set your priorities and your budget. If the official controller remains the preferred choice, players adept at customization will more readily turn to more sophisticated proposals, such as those found at the Nacon brand.

PS: If you are a fan of the Sony console, do not hesitate to take a look at our best ps4 games, PS5 and PS VR, as well as dedicated steering wheels.

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