Best PC Gaming Monitor For Warzone (Review 2022)

Want to play Warzone game on a high resolution monitor so that you can enjoy every moment of your gaming? Here are the best PC gaming monitors for Warzone to buy from Amazon.

Our Picks For The Best PC Gaming Monitor For Warzone

After 14 hours of research and comparison among 75 models, it is the Samsung Odyssey G7 screen that we picked as our best gaming monitor for Warzone. It stands out from its competitors by its excellent panel and its complete ergonomics.
Our Pick, Best Mid-Range

Samsung Odyssey G7

Samsung Odyssey G7


Dive deeper into all your games with this precise and responsive curved screen. Thanks to HDR, the realism is even more advanced and the feeling of immersion much more present.

With its 27 ”VA QLED panel clocked at 240 Hz, the Odyssey G7 is an excellent proposition for gamers. It combines excellent original calibration (dE 2.9 – t ° 6270K – gamma 2.3) with flawless responsiveness and complete ergonomics (height, tilt, rotation, portrait mode). As a bonus, it is G-Sync and FreeSync compatible and uses LFC (Low Frame Compensation) to deliver high display fluidity, even with a fairly low framerate, by multiplying the number of images displayed (30 fps to 90 Hz for example). It also has a few buttons of RGB for a discreet but assumed gaming style.

Best cheap

Dell S2721HGF

Dell S2721HGF


This screen is ideal for small budgets thanks to its many qualities that should delight gamers. It offers a good balance which allows it to offer excellent value for money.

The Dell S2721HGF is equipped with a 27 ”VA 144 Hz panel to impress you. The latter is particularly well calibrated when it leaves the factory, but precision enthusiasts can recalibrate it to obtain an almost perfect result (dE 0.61 – t ° 6536K – gamma 2.18). It does not leave comfort aside, however, by integrating a height adjustment (12.8 cm) and tilt (-21 ° / + 5 °) in addition to being curved (1500R). Its FHD resolution guarantees flawless fluidity, even with Graphic card entry level and FreeSync / G-Sync compatibility amplifies its efficiency.

Best high end

Asus ROG PG279QE

Asus ROG PG279QE


This screen is faithful to the standards of the brand by presenting an excellent overall quality, favored by a successful calibration and a foolproof fluidity as long as you have the appropriate equipment.

Asus quality never ceases to impress us with the ROG PG279Q. This 27 ”screen features an IPS panel fitted with an anti-glare filter. Between its excellent calibration in racing mode, its high refresh rate and fluidity, it has everything to please. We can just note the absence of HDR and a fairly limited maximum brightness.

Mid-range alternative

ViewSonic Elite XG270

ViewSonic Elite XG270


Efficient and versatile, this screen is able to suit both gamers and more traditional users. It stands out for the possibility of obtaining a perfect calibration.

Although it is less interesting overall than its competitor, the Elite XG270 remains a good alternative if your budget is smaller. It has complete ergonomics and a beautiful display fluidity (240 Hz panel) in addition to enjoying full connectivity. Its real asset remains its calibration. Already very correct from the factory, it can reach perfect values ​​(dE 0.51 – t ° 6482K – gamma 2.18) after going through manual settings.

Honorable Mentions

Asus ROG Strix XG17AHPE: Notice to nomadic players. This screen is equipped with a 17.3 ”FHD IPS panel clocked at 240 Hz. It offers a response time of 3 ms which allows it to offer excellent results for your games. But its real peculiarity … is that it is designed for portable use! Thus, it is equipped with a 7800 mAh battery which gives it an autonomy of nearly 3 hours, regardless of the platform thanks to its extensive connectivity.

Samsung Odyssey G9: The head in the screen. Intended for fans of extraordinary screens, this model offers a real immersion experience with its oversized 49 ”WQHD 240 Hz panel. It combines extremely deep immersion, great responsiveness and careful calibration. in a rather massive volume. Remember to provide space and a very solid desk because it still weighs 15 kg.

Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ: This gamer screen is a compendium of the best. Looking to the future, it acts as a UFO effectively combining HDR, high refresh rate (up to 144 Hz) and 4K resolution. It’s simple, it is currently impossible to push it to its limits. However, it will be necessary to deal with a very steep bill, common for early-adopters.

How To Choose The Best PC Gaming Monitor For Warzone?

Buying the best PC gaming monitor for Warzone is not trivial, as this element influences your gaming experience. The number of models on the market makes the choice complicated because their characteristics are varied.

So that you don’t get lost on the way, we have defined some important markers to guide you:

  • Resolution: The most common resolution is full HD (1920 x 1080 px) but in gaming, a higher resolution is preferable. Currently, the best compromise is the QuadHD (2560 x 1440 px). However, you need to be equipped with a powerful GPU to get the most out of it. 4K resolution is intended for screens of at least 27 ”. If this type of display interests you, we invite you to visit our dedicated comparison.
  • Calibration: The rendering is adjusted when leaving the factory by the manufacturer. It can be changed by the user. The colorimetry (maximum delta E: 3), gammas (reference to 2.2) and color temperature (reference to 6500K) are the main data. Most gamers are happy with the factory settings. It is therefore important that this setting be as efficient as possible, even if the most picky can use a probe to push the optimization to the maximum.
  • HDR: With this technology, the maximum brightness is tripled compared to SDR. Displaying multiple levels of light intensity in a single image helps add depth to the screen. This results in a more realistic rendering. The whites are therefore brighter, the blacks deeper.
  • Response Time: This value represents the time that elapses between the emission of a signal and its display on the screen. TN panels advertise a responsiveness of 1 millisecond where other types struggle to drop below 4. Above 5 milliseconds, the difference can begin to be seen in play. A minimum value is really important for a shooter, where you can’t afford any delay in the game.
  • Refresh Rate: The first criterion corresponds to the number of images per second that the panel is capable of displaying. The higher this data, the smoother the animation. The second designates the time that an image actually takes to disappear once it has been displayed. “Ghosting” appears when this duration is too long. This creates a rather unpleasant blur effect in the game.
  • Ergonomics: To make the most of your long gaming sessions, your comfort is important. The screen support in particular must have access to a maximum of settings to avoid stiff necks, reflections and other inconveniences. Height, inclination, rotation and pivot must be adapted. Access to parameters also deserves your attention: some buttons may be poorly placed or not very responsive. In our view, the best option is to use a clickable “joystick”.
  • Ports: It must be as complete as possible. Currently, it is essential to have HDMI (to be associated with the good cable), DisplayPorts and USB. In the case of 4K screens or high refresh rates, the latest standards are so severe the data transfer.
  • Compatibility: Some screens can only be configured via a dedicated application. In this sense, you have to make sure that your hardware has access to this software to be able to make the most of your display. It often happens that these programs are limited to a single operating system which can quickly become problematic.

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