4 Best Nintendo Switch Controller For Fortnite 2022

Looking for a good Nintendo switch controller to play Fortnite game. Here are the best Nintendo switch controllers for Fortnite that you can buy in 2022 from Amazon.

Our Picks For The Best Nintendo Switch Controller For Fortnite

We spent 10 hours analyzing 26 models to conclude that the best Nintendo switch controller for Fortnite is the 8Bitdo SN30 Pro because it includes everything you would expect from a controller at this price, namely ergonomics and quality.

Our Pick, Best Mid-Range

8Bitdo SN30 Pro

Its design straight from the 90s makes this accessory particularly attractive. Lightweight and widely compatible, this controller is a perfect example that you can do something new based on a well-worn recipe.

The most attractive about the 8BitDo SF30 Pro is its flat design, worthy of the 90’s. This controller is available in three colors, one in reference to the European SNES, one to the version US and even one at premier Gameboy ! Fortunately, the whole thing received a good dose of modernity thanks to the addition of wireless connection, joysticks and extended compatibility. In our tests, the lack of handles was still felt in more demanding games. Fortunately, the “Plus” version corrects this slight defect. As for the less fortunate, they will still be able to benefit from its qualities with the wired solution, much more affordable.

Best cheap

PDP Faceoff Deluxe+

This wired model is designed for all lovers of classic controllers. It uses the codes of the Pro controller while adding the jack connector, ideal for in-game chat.

The quality of this controller and its ergonomics make it an excellent solution for anyone wishing to leave their Joy Cons aside by favoring a real controller without breaking the bank. Of course, you have to go through the inevitable cable but this allows it to present responsive and pleasant controls in addition to a headphone jack very rare on this console. Its only real flaw comes from the lack of a vibration system, whether basic or HD, which, during our tests, prevented us from really getting into the action.

Best high end

Nintendo Switch Pro

The only official model in our selection, this controller has everything you would expect from a model of the brand with a full range of features coupled with excellent handling.

By taking inspiration from the official Xbox One controller, Nintendo managed a hell of a game of poker that allows its house controller to come and tease this reference. So we felt a similar level of comfort, favored by its asymmetrical joysticks and responsive, precise controls. However, we can blame it for the absence of analog triggers (progressive trigger), its rather slow load and buttons a little too deep for some players.

High-end alternative

PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller

Designed to compete with the made in Nintendo solution, this controller is aimed at people looking for a qualitative and effective accessory. Rather turned towards hardcore players, it ignores various gadgets, sources of distraction.

With a format reminiscent of its competitor, the PowerA controller is a more affordable alternative. It sacrifices some more gadget features (vibrations and NFC) to provide an interesting experience for more competitive players. We noticed, during our tests, that it compensated for this flaw with responsive controls and efficient keys. It can also be adorned with a design featuring your favorite Nintendo character.

Honorable Mentions

8bitdo Bluetooth Adapter: A less well-known alternative. This model is not a controller strictly speaking but an adapter allowing you to use several models not compatible with your Switch originally. It is useful if you already have another home console and you don’t want to invest in a “Pro” type controller. The list is also quite extensive with: ProWiimote, Wii U Pro, Joy-cons, Pro controller, Dualshock 3 and 4, Xbox One (V2 and V3) and, of course, 8bitdo controllers. It can also be used with a PC, Raspberry Pi or Android TV. A new update added compatibility with next-gen controllers.

PowerA GameCube Wireless Controller: A cruel lack of versatility. The nostalgic can still find sensations of another Nintendo model with this controller. Based on the one that came with the GameCube, it takes a format very close to the original while slightly modifying its D-Pad to make it more spacious and adding the necessary keys for the Switch and motion capture. However, in practice, this design from another era gave us some problems when we had to, for example, use the triggers in critical situations, the latter being much less pleasant than what is currently done. The connection goes through bluetooth but a wired version, more affordable, is also available.

How Did We Test?

Manettes Switch

To find out which controller was the best for this console, we decided to venture into different types of games by linking parts of about an hour. This allowed us to define the level of comfort and theergonomics different proposals while having an overview of sensations during long-term use.

PowerA Gamecube Wireless Controller

As the Switch does not have a very varied range of titles when it comes to racing games or FPS, we also decided to put our various test subjects to the test. on PC. Indeed, the compatibility of Nintendo Switch controllers is ensured by the Steam application which automatically recognizes them as official pro controllers.

PowerA Gamecube Wireless Controller

We have of course varied the titles and the sensations. Here is a list of the main games we have used.

On Nintendo Switch, we decided to choose:

  • As a racing game, Asphalt 9 and its purely arcade orientation
  • In platform games, we opted for Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy, Dragon Quest Builder and Super Meat Boy

Unfortunately, we didn’t have any FPS at our disposal.

On PC, we played:

  • Ori and The Blind Forest for the platform aspect
  • Call of Duty Black Ops 3 en FPS
  • The Crew 2 as an arcade-style racing game

These various titles have allowed us to clearly define the strengths and weaknesses of the different controllers by their variety and their very different gameplays.

PowerA Gamecube Wireless Controller

Of course, during our tests on PC, we kept in mind the inherent constraints of Nintendo’s console like the lack of compatibility with progressive triggers, for example.

How To Choose The Best Nintendo Switch Controller For Fortnite?

Nintendo Switch is the hybrid console par excellence. She is equipped with a pair of very well thought out Joy Cons allowing her a very high flexibility. However, the latter are often less appealing to living room players, used to more classic controllers. As a result, it is not uncommon for these users to seek an alternative that is closer to their habits.

The operation of the Nintendo system means that it is not possible to use just any controller (except one exception). It is therefore important to determine which solutions are relevant among the models specific to this console. To help you, we have determined the following criteria:

  • Ergonomics: This thing is in our eyes the most important because it combines the comfort of use and the handling of the various controls. Both of these should be taken into account in order for you to get the most out of your favorite games. You must therefore make sure you enjoy a pleasant and natural grip coupled with responsive and well-placed controls. The size of the controller also has an impact but depends on criteria specific to each.
  • Integrated Controls: Some joystick models integrate additional controls to the standard solutions. These keys are often placed on the back of the shell and allow you to take advantage of additional shortcuts, much easier to access.
  • Ancillary Functions: Gyroscope, NFC, and vibrations these elements are dispensable functions which can however be very interesting depending on your use of your console. Thus, if some players use very little motion capture, others master it as an art. The vibrations, on the other hand, are beneficial to the immersion but constitute a source of distraction for some more demanding players.
  • Connectivity and Compatibility: Both wired and wireless, a controller must be connected to your console to operate. These two solutions are equally valid and depend mainly on your budget. Compatibility, on the other hand, affects the versatility of your controller: do you want to use it with multiple devices or limit yourself to your switch? Generally, models compatible with this hybrid solution can be used with your computer (via steam or dedicated software) and sometimes Android (via Bluetooth).
  • Build Quality and Design: This last thing impacts the durability and style of your controller. The quality of the materials occupies a central place and it is important to ensure that your accessory can withstand several trips and frenzied parts without injury. Design, on the other hand, is a matter of taste. The models compatible with the Nintendo console generally offer a fairly varied range of references to the icons of the brand.

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