Top 3 Best Mouse Pads For Gaming To Buy In 2022

For a gamer, a quality mouse pad is a must! However, finding the right pad isn’t an easy take. For your help, we bring you the best mouse pads for gaming. Let’s check them out.

Our Picks For The Best Mouse Pad For Gaming

After 13 hours of researching 15 mouse pads, we determined that the SteelSeries QcK is currently the best mouse pad for the money.
Our choice, Best inexpensive

SteelSeries QcK

SteelSeries QcK

This model is the most affordable of our comparison and yet, it remains of very good quality. It is also the most balanced of our selection, therefore adapting to many uses.

It may not be the most complete or the most original, but the Qck has the merit of presenting a good quality / price ratio and a very low entry price. It is also good for low and high sensitivities, besides being resistant and washable with water. This last point is interesting when we know that it tends to retain dust after a certain time. It is therefore aimed at people who are looking for a resistant mouse pad with a non-slip texture.

Best midrange

Cooler Master MP510

Cooler Master MP510

This rug is covered with Cordura fabric to easily resist the risks of everyday life. It is therefore more enduring than the QcK (but for a higher price) and stands out with a texture dedicated to control.

Unlike other fabric models, the MP510 is not sensitive to water or sweat. It is therefore ready to take your possible clumsiness while being very durable. Here we have opted for the larger format, which can contain most of your peripherals. The observation is simple, we did not find any real fault to blame it. It is for people who want a durable mouse pad, with a material focused on control and not speed of movement.

Best high end

Logitech PowerPlay

Logitech PowerPlay

This mouse pad stands out from other models by its ability to charge two wireless mouse models. It is also the only one to offer two mouse pads with different materials.

Its strong point, besides the brand logo which is illuminated in different colors, is the ability to charge wireless mice. Logitech G703 and G903 (also present among the best wireless mice). Approximately, it gains one to two percent per hour: enough to preserve the life of the battery. This solution is therefore intended for people who want to regularly use a wireless mouse without worrying about charging it. But being a priority format, it requires the purchase of one of these two mice.

Honorable Mentions

Corsair MM800 Polaris RGB: A model with RGB. Its 15 zones frame a surface designed for responsiveness. It also gives off a real impression of robustness, which is rare among its competitors. It consists of a slightly grainy plastic surface allowing excellent glide without sacrificing precision. A USB 2.0 port is also part of the game, which saves you having to go through your box to connect an additional peripheral (it can even be used for your mouse). In short, if you are a fan of RGB and want a complete solution, then go for this model.

How To Choose The Best Mouse Pad For Gaming?

Finding the best mouse pad for gaming may seem easy, but for performance enthusiasts it is just as important as a good mouse or keyboard.

To choose which one will be the most suitable for the majority of users, we have made the following criteria:

  • Type of Carpet: There are two kinds: flexible and rigid. The former are generally thought to be versatile or precision-oriented (with a more pronounced texture) where the latter generally aim for responsiveness with minimal friction. This criterion is also influenced by that of the materials.
  • Material: Generally linked to the variety of carpets, there are two main types: fabrics or plastics. The way these materials are processed will influence the intended use. More advanced models are also equipped with a double-sided solution allowing you to choose between precision or speed.
  • Size: This is basically the size of the mouse pad. It is influenced by your needs and the space available on your desk. It can range from small-format rugs (20-25cm across) to models almost as large as your desk itself (almost a meter wide!). We particularly recommend these if you are a fan of large mouse movements.
  • Additional Functions: Many additional features are gradually appearing on these media. Trademarks include, for example, a wireless charging system or a USB port to facilitate the management of your peripherals. We can also find RGB lighting around the perimeter of the use surface and even a wrist rest for more comfort.
  • Design & Style: Some models covered with a specific pattern may be more difficult to adapt to your setup. While this may seem trivial, it can quickly turn out to be frustrating. It is therefore also necessary to take care of this during your purchase.

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