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Top 3 Best Mini PC For Streaming 4K (Review 2022)

Are you on the quest for a mini PC that you can stream in 4K on? Here are the best mini PC for streaming 4K that you invest in 2022.

Our Picks For The Best Mini PC For Streaming 4K

After 9 hours of research and analysis of 39 models, we have determined that the current best mini PC for streaming 4K is the Apple Mac Mini. With its new M1 chip, it has nothing to envy full-size PCs.
Our Pick, Best Mid-Range

Apple Mac Mini

Apple Mac Mini

Representing compact models at Apple, it incorporates the brand’s standards with a neat case, the home OS and adds exceptional power. It also benefits from all the advantages of the specific ecosystem.

This benchmark of barebone computers is a good solution to take advantage of the Apple OS without breaking the bank. For a fairly high entry price, you are still entitled to a qualitative mini-PC, faithful to the standards of the brand. It also embeds the first processor made by Apple. This new chip allows it to compete with full-size models thanks to its very high power, even allowing it to venture into the world of (light) gaming. On the other hand, do not expect to update it because of its layout where everything is nested.

Best cheap

Acer Chromebox CXI4

Acer Chromebox CXI4

Running on Chrome OS, this computer uses the principle of Chromebooks to offer you an inexpensive solution with a high quality / price ratio. It adapts to a large number of users thanks to its variety of configuration.

Chrome OS is not the most popular operating system in our region, yet with the Chromebox, Acer proves once again that this solution should not be neglected. Despite a limited power configuration, this mini-PC manages to shine, even if the version we have chosen will not please the most demanding. Other more efficient versions are also available on the market but are more difficult to obtain.

Mid-range alternative

Asus PN62

Asus PN62

Efficient, high-quality and easy to update, this compact model has it all. It takes the opportunity to reward you with a quality / price ratio that allows it to dominate its competitors.

The Asus PN62 is a perfect example of an efficient mini-PC without being overpriced. Available in many configurations, it can be equipped with a wide variety of components to easily adapt to your needs. In addition, its upgradability allows you to consider buying the affordable version if your budget is limited and to update when your means are higher (as long as the base processor is efficient enough). On the other hand, forget any notion of graphics power because its chipset remains limited and no Thunderbolt 3 port is provided for an external card. Unfortunately, while still interesting, this computer cannot compete with the Mac Mini.

Honorable Mentions

Raspberry Pi 400: The compact all-in-one. Like the Original Raspberry Pi, the Pi 400 is a DIY solution that is offered to you fully assembled, at the heart of a keyboard. It is a mini-computer allowing you a very wide range of possibilities thanks to all the options offered by its open system. It is therefore possible for you to make a spare PC with the pre-installed system, to emulate old consoles. The only limits are your imagination and your skills.

How To Choose The Best Mini PC For Streaming 4K?

Choosing a mini-PC means choosing compactness and its drawbacks. Thus, this type of desktop computer relies on a reduced format to the detriment of other advantages such as temperature management and the integration of full-size, more powerful components. You should therefore not expect a high graphics power, you need space for a dedicated graphics card.

Here are the criteria to pay attention to when purchasing:

  • Components: Their importance is determined by the intended use. For example, for fairly basic office automation and multimedia, it is not necessary to invest in a processor powerful but if, on the other hand, you want to use more demanding programs, you will have to increase your investment accordingly. The RAM memory takes care of multitasking and should not be less than 4 GB (for basic use). The ideal is to take advantage of 8 GB for optimal fluidity.
  • Storage: It determines the amount of data and files that your computer can contain. Ideally, for a mini-PC, it is advisable to opt for an SSD, whether in M.2 format (more compact but more expensive) or in 2.5 ”format, which is more complicated to integrate into this format. This makes it possible to take advantage of the high reactivity of the SSD (8x faster than the HDD), beneficial to the overall fluidity.
  • Ports: Its composition influences which devices you can connect to your device and their number. It is essential to ensure that you have the necessary ports for your accessories when purchasing and that you have adapters if necessary. The endowment of a mini-PC is more limited because of its format but, in general, the most important is foreseen.
  • Updates: As technology is constantly evolving, it is difficult to stay in the loop. The advantage of a desktop model compared to a laptop lies in its possibilities of evolution. Compact models are no exception to the rule and it is generally possible to give them a facelift, although some are exceptions to the rule. At the same time, the presence of a Thunderbolt 3 port makes it possible to use a graphics card case and therefore to add more power at this level.

If you need more power and you don’t mind a bigger PC, turn to our articles dedicated to desktop and gaming computers.

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