Best Mechanical Keyboards For Typing (Review 2022)

Looking to buy a mechanical keyboard for a smooth typing experience? Here are the best mechanical keyboards for typing available on Amazon that you can buy in 2022.

Our Picks For The Best Mechanical Keyboard For Typing

After 19 hours of researching 33 models currently popular on the market, we have concluded that the best mechanical keyboard for typing is the Roccat Vulcan 122 for its excellent value for money.

Our Pick, Best Mid-Range

Roccat Vulcan 122

It is with this model that Roccat really established itself, at its release, among high-end keyboards. Quiet and responsive, it compensates for its lack of macro with an efficient in-house system.

The Vulcan 120 range continues to convince today and maintains its excellent reputation. The model we tested impressed us right out of the box as the design is eye-catching. It also covers a qualitative and comfortable keyboard which guarantees it a very good place in this competitive market. Its only real flaw comes from the Roccat Swarm software, a little aging for our taste.

Best cheap

Logitech G413

Logitech G413

This device constitutes an interesting first step in mechanical keyboards. It only offers one color in the backlight to focus on the essential: the comfort of the keys.

With the G413, Logitech offers an interesting entry level, focusing mainly on user comfort and responsiveness. Its design is quite basic. Here again, it’s about an aluminum front plate and a gritty plastic back. The whole is quite rigid and qualitative. These keys are precisely linked to homemade tactile switches, the Romer-G, quite silent in themselves and very responsive. The backlight is also part of the game. You will therefore only be able to modify the intensity or the speed of the effect.

Best high end

Corsair K100 RGB

Corsair K100 RGB

This mechanical keyboard has everything you would expect from a high-end model: material quality, responsiveness, comfort, dedicated macro and multimedia keys, worked RGB and effective anti-ghosting.

Once again, Corsair takes the lead at the top of the range with this device which has everything one could ask for from a keyboard of this level. It will satisfy the most demanding of you thanks to its beautiful reactivity, its neat finishes and its generous equipment. Even if its price is a bit high, it has the merit of having everything you would expect from a high-end gaming keyboard. It is just a shame that it is only offered in two switch configurations.

Mid-range alternative

Corsair K70 RGB TKL

Corsair K70 RGB TKL

Developed in a multitude of switch configurations, this mechanical keyboard has something to satisfy just about any championship player. Responsive and comfortable, it offers excellent material quality.

Like its predecessor, it is a bestseller. Its high-end finish emphasizes careful ergonomics and a large number of possibilities. The large number of switches available allows you to choose the switches best suited to your use. Additionally, Tournament Mode prevents unintentional activation of macros. Its price is certainly a bit high, but it should resist you a few years given the material quality offered. In our opinion, it is on an equal footing with Roccat’s proposal. And for people wanting a numeric keypad, the MK.2 version is ideal but does not include macros.

Honorable Mentions

Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition: Notice to e-sport enthusiasts. This mechanical keyboard in TKL format is designed for players taking their equipment in competition. It is full of qualities with, in particular, excellent ergonomics and extensive customization via the Synapse software. However, it will be necessary to deal with keys that are a little too narrow for large hands and a sensitivity that can cause some wrong maneuvers at the beginning.

Steelseries Apex Pro: An excellent high-end, dispensable features. If you have a high budget and want a customizable product, the Apex Pro is a good solution. Whether via the dedicated program or via the physical equipment (adjustable omnipoint switches), you can adapt it to your needs. Small bonus, it has an OLED screen that can display information about your game. However, these features are dispensable for ordinary players, which explains its position in this section.

Logitech G915 Lightspeed: A wireless alternative. With its approximately 30 hours of battery life, this mechanical keyboard is pleasant to use. Its wireless mode works great and the typing is silent. We particularly like its quality of manufacture and its finesse finishes. On the other hand, the only configurable keys are the G and they could be better placed. Nevertheless, it remains an excellent alternative for those who want a wireless solution with a good connection.

How To Choose The Best Mechanical Keyboard For Typing?

When looking for the perfect mechanical keyboard, there are many questions that may arise. However, the most important thing is to find the one that best suits our use. To do this, the essential element is the type of switches that will equip your choice.

Where Cherry has dominated for many years with its MX, other manufacturers are starting to break through with in-house systems. However, the ranges are not as extensive as those of the original brand.

The switches can be of two types: linear (having a fluid stroke) or tactile (having a resistance at mid-height). Among these two types, there are still subdivisions. Here are the main ones:

  • Green Razer: These mechanical keys make a distinct click when pressed. It also has optimized activation and reset points that help improve typing speed. These are the less silent keys: they are therefore not necessarily suitable in a professional environment.
  • Razer Orange: These keys are quieter than the green Razers. When you squeeze them, you don’t hear a click. So you have no feedback that they are in a hurry. They do, however, offer smoother writing than the green Razers.
  • Yellow Razer: They are the fastest and quietest keys in the firm. They are ideal for office automation, as for shooting or rhythm video games. They sink to just 1.2mm, so you can quickly press the same button multiple times.
  • Cherry MX Red: They are of linear type. Since the force required to press the keys is constant, it is not necessary to crush the key, which allows a fast typing speed, but does not allow any errors. It is undoubtedly one of the switches most used in gaming keyboards, because it does not offer resistance.
  • Romer-G Tactile: These keys provide discreet input feedback. The feedback when you press them is quiet, just like the yellow Razers. They are therefore suitable for a professional environment.

Once the type of contactor has been chosen, it is important to use the following criteria to be able to sort out the different possibilities and to be able to make your choice:

  • Ergonomics: Directly linked to ease of use, it determines the time you can spend using your keyboard and under what conditions. The shape of the keys, the presence of a palm rest, the height of the assembly and the backlighting therefore have a significant impact.
  • Design and Template: These items are important for you to determine if your keyboard will be easy to carry, if it will fit on your desk, etc. In addition, the materials chosen and the design frameless (no additional plate around the keys) have an impact on the durability of the set. It will indeed be easier to maintain a format frameless aluminum than any other plastic compound. Finally, the rubber pads and additional feet are elements of stability.
  • Integrated Controls: They can be of two kinds: direct (like multimedia keys) or indirect (activated with a combination of keys). These tools are always useful to be able to access certain settings on the fly without having to leave your game. For programming and shortcut enthusiasts, it is also important to have macro keys (direct or indirect) which can be linked to a combination. of commands to perform multiple actions by pressing a single key.
  • Ports: Some keyboards integrate connectors directly into their chassis. Generally, they are of two types: a USB port which can be used either for charging or as an additional USB port for data transfer. Rare models also include a 3.5 mm jack connector for connecting headphones.
  • Software: Gaming peripherals are often linked to a program making it possible to adapt the various settings, to create profiles or to manage the backlighting. This allows you to really customize the use of your keyboard.

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