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Top 5 Best Laptop Cooling Pads for Gaming 2022

Does your laptop overheat as soon as you open it and you get irritated by it? if yes then here are the best laptop cooling pads for gaming that you can buy online in 2022.

Our Picks For The Best Laptop Cooling Pad for Gaming

After 18 hours of research, analyzing 33 models and testing the 5 most interesting, we have concluded that the best laptop cooling pad for gaming is the TopMate C5.

Our Pick, Best Mid-Range

TopMate C5

Designed for gamers, it has a corresponding design and uses its 5 fans to provide a significant airflow, ideal for effectively cooling your setup.

With its 6 speed levels and 3 preconfigured modes, this model was particularly versatile during our tests by offering a good balance between noise pollution and the power required to cool our computer. The possibility of adapting its position on 5 levels further reinforces this approval with better ergonomics.

Best cheap

Trust Xstream Breeze

Intended for undemanding users, it brings a dose of freshness to your computer while serving as a support. It is intended for light cooling, usually required for worn internal ventilation.

Relatively simple, it will not be suitable for gaming but will effectively compensate for the poor performance of your internal ventilation. It is quite easily transportable and accompanies you on your travels while being rather silent in use. On the other hand, for the game, it will be necessary to go upmarket.

Best high end

Cooler Master NotePal XL

If you are looking for the most efficient cooling coupled with minimal noise pollution, then this model is the most suitable cooler for your needs.

With its huge 230mm fan, the Notepad XL is a giant in this comparison. This larger format negatively impacts its mobility but improves the performance / noise ratio with results equivalent to the TopMate C5 in terms of cooling for extremely discreet noise (a slight hiss). Consequently, if you have the necessary budget, go for it!

Mid-range alternative

Havit HV-F2056

Suitable for computers up to 17 ”, it is efficient for most uses while being easily transportable. It is also quite quiet, which allows you to enjoy it in all environments.

This cooler is able to handle the majority of situations, even if it remains relatively weak for gaming. However, it is intended rather to perfect an inefficient cooling than to replace it completely, as it was able to prove during our tests. Despite its size allowing it to accommodate larger format computers (up to 17 ”), it remains quite light and compact, which is quite practical to slip it into your bag.

High-end alternative

Targus Lap Chill Mat

Designed for people wishing to use their computer in the living room, this model is equipped with padding on its lower part to protect your legs during prolonged use while isolating them from your laptop.

Designed for people who use their laptop on their legs, this model offers a good level of comfort in addition to a worked cooling. However, it will not be suitable for gaming computers which generate a lot more heat and therefore require more air supply. As an added bonus, the noise level at full throttle can inconvenience more sensitive ears.

How To Choose The Best Laptop Cooling Pad for Gaming?

Sometimes your laptop feels like it’s hot enough to cook an egg in. If so, it might be time to invest in a cooler to improve airflow. and lower the temperature of the whole.

Of course, first of all, it is important to make sure that your computer has enough vents on the lower part of its shell to make the most of the input generated by the additional fan (s). ). Indeed, if you have a unibody computer (such as a MacBook), the reduction will be less than on a model with additional vents.

Here are the main criteria to take into account when choosing the best laptop cooling pad for gaming:

  • Type of Cooler: There are two types, namely passive and active models (equipped with fans). These are divided into several categories. For this article, we’re going to focus on cooling brackets, which slip under your computer, and vacuum systems, which pull hot air out of the case through the existing vent. These are more efficient but do not improve ergonomics. Water-cooled systems also exist, but are far too expensive.
  • Fans: They serve to provide a targeted air flow. The higher the air requirement, the more their speed of rotation increases. As a result, it is often advisable to opt for larger fans, which provide cooling more easily, than for small ones, which will have to turn much faster (and therefore produce more noise) for a similar result. In this sense, their maximum rotation speed must be as high as possible to increase the number of possibilities.
  • Compatibility: In this case, it is a physical compatibility. Thus, the size of the cooler impacts the maximum size of the computer it can accommodate. So make sure that yours is supported by the model of your choice otherwise you will make an unnecessary purchase.
  • Materials: To guarantee long-term use, it is advisable to opt for models using sturdy materials. Whether it is thicker plastic or metal, this minimizes the risk of breakage, both in terms of the structure and the fans. The strength of the power cable is also to be taken into account.
  • Additional Advantages: As with any high-tech device, coolers are often equipped with additional functions which can range from a simple screen to visualize the temperature to an entire adjustable system including an adjustable height. This last element can also be used to improve the final result, because raising the support allows better circulation of the air flow.

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