Top 3 Best Keyboards For Speed Typing To Buy In 2022

Is the keyboard that you are currently working on, not good enough for fast typing? Here are some of our top recommendations for the the best keyboard for speed typing.

Our Picks For The Best Keyboard For Speed Typing

After 5 hours of researching 34 currently popular models on the market, we concluded that the best keyboard around for fast typing right now is the Microsoft 600.
Our choice, Best inexpensive

Microsoft 600

Microsoft 600

While being the simplest and most affordable model of our selection, it already offers multimedia function keys. It is a large and silent keyboard intended mainly for office automation.

This office-oriented keyboard features a concave design, with a large space bar and number keys taller than the others. Despite its low price, it has multimedia function buttons: these allow you to adjust the volume, and start or stop music. Keyboard keys are contoured for quick and easy typing, but also quiet. The device is not flat, but inclined, for increased ergonomics. Its build quality is also correct.

Best midrange

Razer Cynosa Lite

Razer Cynosa Lite

This device is an interesting first step in keyboards intended for occasional video game enthusiasts. It thus sacrifices aspects of its construction in favor of an affordable price (for this area) and premium functions.

This membrane keyboard does not offer a typing speed comparable to those with mechanical keys, but it remains pleasant to the touch. This typing comfort is therefore sufficient for occasional players. A strong point which, however, leads to cuts in other areas, such as the relatively low key lighting. There is also something to record macros on the fly: the software linked to the Razer Cynosa Lite allows you to adjust the light and other parameters. However, it can be a bit complicated for some to use, especially for macro recording.

Best high end

Apple Magic

Apple Magic

This model is the smallest and most transportable in our comparison. Wireless, it is suitable for people who want a narrow keyboard as well as for iPad and Mac owners.

This wireless keyboard uses the Bluetooh to connect. Relatively small and light, it boasts excellent build quality with an aluminum frame. It is devoid of a numeric keypad to be narrower, but has a series of multimedia shortcuts. The keys are particularly thin, but typos can be easily avoided given their spacing. To take full advantage of this keyboard, it must connect to an iPad, iPhone or even a Mac. On a PC or on Linux, it is possible to write, but the multimedia functions do not work.

Honorable Mentions

Logitech Ergo K860: An ergonomic solution. This wireless keyboard is primarily intended for intensive typing. Indeed, its particular shape is thought to minimize the fatigue of your wrists and therefore allow you to type for long hours in complete comfort. We particularly like its 3-layer padded, lift-up wrist rest (one of which is shape memory). On the other hand, it seems that there are sometimes problems when pairing the device which, combined with its specific use, led us not to include it in our main selection.

How To Choose The Best Keyboard For Speed Typing?

When searching for the best keyboard for speed typing, we realized that the main difficulty came from the large number of existing products, especially in the lower ranges.

On top of that, depending on what use you choose, consider sacrificing either functionality. Thus, there are generally three types of keyboards:

  • Office Keyboards: For this type, the main thing is the comfort of typing and use, as buyers anticipate long periods of work, whether at a table, their desk or on the move.
  • Gaming Keyboards: here, transportability gives way to additional functions and responsiveness. The purpose of these products is not to use them on the go. If you are interested in these keyboards, know that we have a article which is specially dedicated to them.
  • Multimedia Keyboards: If you have a smart system in your living room, it can be useful to have a keyboard to interact with your digital medium. Containing a touchpad and built-in shortcuts, they are optimized for entertainment, although they can still be used for light office automation.

Finally, before making your purchase, you should pay special attention to the following criteria:

  • Ergonomics: just like on a standard keyboard, ease of use is important. Thus, it is necessary that the keys are adapted to the intended use and that they minimize the risk of typing error, with a controlled sensitivity and an optimized layout.
  • Portability: a wireless product generally has to rely on a compact format that can easily fit into a bag while being comfortably usable on the move, in particular thanks to an enduring battery. Note that the backlight, which is very interesting for dark environments, can strongly influence this autonomy.
  • Compatibility: it should be as extensive as possible so that you do not have to change the keyboard each time you want a different support. Generally, the target systems should be: Android, Windows, iOS and macOS. More and more recent models are extending their compatibility to Chrome OS and various Smart TV systems.

Note: We have already featured the best keyboards for speed typing. For our research, we therefore based ourselves here on devices aimed at the uses described above and geared towards the general public.

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