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Top 4 Best iPads For Kids To Buy In 2022

Thinking of buying a good iPad for your child but don’t know which one to get? Here below we have curated 4 of the best iPads for kids that you can buy from Amazon.

Our Picks For The Best iPad For Kids

After 4 hours of research and analysis of 7 models, we have determined that the best iPad is the Apple iPad Air 4.

Our Pick, Best Mid-Range

Apple iPad Air 4 (64 Go – Wi-Fi)

By taking many components from the Pro version, this model becomes the best quality / price ratio of the brand thanks to its high performance and excellent screen.

The iPad Air 4 arises as a deflated version of the iPad Pro. It takes many components such as its main photo sensor, its housing and Apple Pencil 2 and Magic Keyboard compatibility to make it a balanced solution able to suit the greatest number. As a bonus, it is equipped with the brand’s latest processor, the A14 Bionic.

Best cheap

Apple iPad 10.2 (32 Go – Wi-Fi)

With its very good screen quality, its meticulous build quality and its extensive software optimizations, this model is a ready-made solution for people looking for a simple but efficient tablet.

Directly from the original model, this 8th generation retains the title of the best touchscreen tablet on the market for its excellent quality / price ratio. The basic codes remain fairly simple: a basic but efficient tablet, capable of being used both for entertainment and games. Its processor is certainly not at the level of the latest generation A14 Bionic but allows it sufficient versatility for the majority of users.

Best high end

Apple iPad Pro (128 Go - Wi-Fi)

Apple iPad Pro (128 Go – Wi-Fi)

The most efficient model on the market despite the appearance of the Air and its A14, it offers a high level of quality and ergonomics that even allow it to outperform many laptops.

The iPad Pro, whether it’s 11 ”or 12.9”, is hands down the best tablet available today. Its size and power even allow it to easily replace a standard computer. Of course, the ergonomics are not neglected and allow you to spend many hours working on it. It is also available in 4G version, all in four storage levels.

Cheap alternative

Apple iPad Mini 5 (64 Go - Wi-Fi)

Apple iPad Mini 5 (64 Go – Wi-Fi)

The only compact tablet of the brand, it is the only model to offer a screen with a diagonal of 7.9 ”. This does not prevent it from offering a good compactness / performance ratio.

Playing on the flower beds of the classic iPad, the Mini is a more compact version of the latter. Unfortunately, it can not claim to compete with Android tablets of the same style because of its entry price a little too high and its aging format. Too bad, because its strengths are not negligible with, in particular, a foolproof fluidity and a very good quality panel.

How To Choose The Best iPad For Kids?

In the range of Apple, many versions of the iPad are present and it is quite difficult to navigate when the time comes to choose. Indeed, with the exception of the price, what are the elements that differentiate each model and which one (s) has the best quality / price ratio?

To help you in this process, we have defined the following criteria:

  • Performance: determined by the processor and the amount of RAM memory, they impact your use of the device. To determine what is necessary for you, you must first define your needs: an entry-level model can be suitable for many uses but will be more limited for heavy tasks where the middle or even the top of the range have many more resources and equipment to allow you to work peacefully.
  • Screen Size: this element is the most important part of the tablet. All of its use is based on the latter and it is therefore essential to ensure its quality. To do this, you must focus on its readability, determined by its brightness levels, its contrast and its reflectance, and on the quality of the rendering, impacted by the colorimetry and the color temperature.
  • Ergonomics: to be able to use your iPad for long hours without tiring, you must ensure its grip. This element depends on the format of the tablet but also on the materials used and the location of the buttons / controls. In the case of Apple products, this point is rarely a problem because the brand pays special attention to this aspect.
  • Photo Quality: Although this aspect is less important on an iPad than an iPhone, it can be interesting to have a good sensor to photograph whatever element you need like a document, for example. The front-facing lens is of great importance for videoconferencing, which is increasingly popular at the time of this writing.
  • Autonomy: As with any technological device, you have to ensure the endurance of the battery to be able to make the most of your tablet without having to search at all costs for a power outlet. Fortunately, in recent years, Apple has greatly improved its results at this level.

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