Top 4 Best Inkjet Printers That You Buy For Cheap

Thinking of investing in an inkjet printer for your home or office? If yes then we bring you the best inkjet printers avaialble in the market that you can buy online for a very reasonable price. Let’s check them out!

Our Picks For The Best Inkjet Printer

After 19 hours of researching 67 models currently popular on the market, we have concluded that the best inkjet printer around is the Canon Pixma TS8350. It stood out for its versatility and efficiency.
Our Pick, Best Mid-Range

Canon Pixma TS8350

Canon Pixma TS8350

Efficient in many areas, this printer is capable of delighting photography enthusiasts as well as the most professional among us. It also benefits from a number of additional features.

The TS8350 series (at Canon, the last number is related to color) has long been known for its qualities. The latest grind is no exception to the rule and remains an example of versatility, where print quality takes precedence over speed. In this sense, the brand endows it with no less than 6 different cartridges, for the benefit of the final rendering. However, this advantage is also a defect because it generates a cost per page slightly higher than the average.

Best cheap

Canon Pixma TS6350

Canon Pixma TS6350

With its quality / price ratio as high as its big sister, this printer is an excellent solution for those on a budget who are looking for quality prints.

As with the TS8350, Canon is betting on print quality here. As a result, this model is well suited for people who need to occasionally print documents or photos. However, using 5 cartridges, while beneficial to the final rendering, results in a higher cost per page, which makes it less relevant for people printing in large quantities. It sins only by its somewhat spartan ergonomics because of a screen less suitable than on the previous version. His little sister, the TS5350, arises as a perfectly viable alternative for smaller budgets. It presents the same types of advantages but is less swift and less economical.

Best high end

Canon Pixma G6050

Canon Pixma G6050

This printer aims to save ink and paper while offering very good print quality in all circumstances. It also competes with laser models on this point.

For people with a higher budget, Canon takes the recipe of its lower range models by offering a qualitative but slow solution. However, we end up here with a solution that will be less expensive to use because it is based on a system of reservoirs to be filled and not of cartridges. As a result, the cost per page drops to an all-time high, making it even more interesting than the laser models at equivalent price.

Mid-range alternative

HP OfficeJet Pro 9012

HP OfficeJet Pro 9012

This model is the fastest of our selection. Its printing cost remains low and if you know how to do without a scanner, it is an ideal choice. It is intended for those who print often.

This model is intended exclusively for printing documents. It offers very good results for documents, both textual and graphic, and an above average speed. Designed for office enthusiasts, the OfficeJet Pro 9010 offers near-perfect output quality for these documents. The texts remain crisp, regardless of the background chosen, and the graphics and tables are not to be outdone. The flow rates are quite high with 22 ppm in black and white and 18 ppm in color. It therefore rules out competition on this point.

Honorable Mentions

HP Deskjet 3760: The simple and practical solution for very small budgets. While it doesn’t run on the same grounds as the other models in our selection, the Deskjet 3760 is, in our view, the perfect solution for families who would need a small printer for really occasional use. It does not have all the fantasies of more expensive models but remains trendy with its access to Wi-Fi. On the other hand, do not expect a swift model or impeccable quality.

What To Look Out For When Choosing The Best Inkjet Printer?

To find the perfect printer, you must first determine what you want to use it for. Indeed, the criteria that we are going to tell you will have a different importance depending on what you plan to do:

  • Versatility: For the type of use, it is necessary to bet on the balance between the various elements. Of course, a more regular occasion requires paying more attention to the costs involved in operating the printer.
  • Photography: The main goal is to achieve print quality. In this sense, care must be taken to respect the colors and the rendering of details. To do this, printers using 6 cartridges are to be favored. We have dedicated an article to models specialized in this field.
  • Productivity: Some models are designed for more office use. They include dedicated features such as an automatic document feeder or a larger paper tray.

Once this element has been determined, you must base yourself on these different criteria:

  • Print quality: It determines the smoothness of the characters, the fidelity of the images and the colors and the sharpness of the various elements. It is important to pay attention to this, but be aware that many models favoring this criterion are generally slower. In addition, models of a better range tend to ship more than 4 cartridges, which can easily increase the rating if you use your printer regularly.
  • Easiness of Use: You have to make sure that your device is easy to use. It is not very interesting to bet on a model if it is complicated to use. We advise you to opt for solutions with a touch screen and control via smartphone or web interface to make your job easier. Other factors such as access to paper to prevent a possible jam and a paper tray with good capacity are also important.
  • Additional Functions: This is generally the possibility of scanning, photocopying and scanning documents. A multifunction model is often to be voted for, because it meets many everyday demands. Some models include additional options such as the possibility of automatically burning to a disc in parallel with printing or even automatic two-sided. Lovers of silence, for their part, should be vigilant of a possible dedicated mode that reduces noise pollution (but also printing speed).
  • Printing Flow: It is about the speed of the printer. It is calculated in pages per minute (ppm) and usually depends on whether you are using color or black and white. Slower models generally focus on quality where a professional solution will be more focused on productivity by balancing the whole. The speed of photo printing will automatically be lower, as this exercise requires greater attention to detail. Right now, if you are aiming for productivity only, we suggest you check out our article dedicated to best laser printers.
  • Usage Costs: They are based on two elements: cost per page, calculated on ink consumption and the price of cartridges, and power consumption. The first element should be analyzed both in color and in black and white; the second, in standby and in operation. Whatever happens, it is better to focus on the cost per use than on the purchase price.
  • Noise Pollution: The most sensitive or demanding pay special attention to this point. It should be noted that the nuisances can vary from one situation to another. Thus, a full-rate printing (large documents) will make more noise than the printing of a single page. Some models offer a silent mode which reduces the flow and therefore noise pollution.
  • Ports: It determines whether your hardware can connect to the printer. Currently, it is important to choose models with a wired and wireless (wi-fi) option. This second option gives you the possibility to print from your smartphone, via a dedicated app or the system integrated into your device. Photography enthusiasts must ensure the presence of an SD port (or microSD depending on your equipment).

People who print infrequently and in small quantities should also consider the fact that some printers work with a system of printheads integrated into the cartridge, much more interesting in their case.

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