Top 3 Best Gaming Phones For PUBG To Buy In 2022

Are you a PUBG player who spends most of his day on his smartphone on PUBG but is not satisified with the performance of phone? If yes then here are the 3 best gaming phones for PUBG that you can buy in 2022 for cheap.

Our Picks For The Best Gaming Phone For PUBG

After 19 hours of research and analysis of 34 models, we have determined that the Xiaomi Black Shark 4 is the best gaming phone for PUBG.
Our choice, Best inexpensive

Xiaomi Black Shark 4

Xiaomi Black Shark 4

The fourth version of this gaming smartphone retains an excellent performance / price ratio which makes it a model to be reckoned with. It also embeds an excellent screen.

Xiaomi once again offers a very good smartphone with a more than interesting quality / price ratio. We find ourselves here with features designed for gamers where power, endurance and display quality are the key words. However, on the flip side, the size takes a hell of a beating with a device just as imposing as the previous model 3. In addition, this version includes 5G.

Best high end

Asus ROG Phone 5

Asus ROG Phone 5

This model is the ultimate gaming smartphone by offering exceptional power coupled with a whole range of accessories allowing it to fully develop its potential.

The new edition of the gaming smartphone according to Asus, the ROG Phone 5, manages to keep its place as a gaming monster. On the menu: power on all levels and ever-increasing versatility. Thus, the photo module becomes perfectly usable on a daily basis (even if it does not compete with the best) and its design is more discreet. It also incorporates several interesting technologies in game such as AirTriggers and integrates an advanced load management system. This smartphone exists in 3 versions but the one we offer you seems to be the one with the best quality / price ratio.

High-end alternative

Apple iPhone 12

Apple iPhone 12

New version of the central model of the Apple range, the iPhone 12 once again revises its style in addition to further boosting its overall performance, both in terms of pure power and photography.

The twelfth generation of the brand’s benchmark model once again offers good value for money. It therefore proudly takes up the torch of the iPhone 11 by acquiring a brand new processor, the A14, which was used in particular to develop a chip specific to new Macbooks. The photo also gains in quality, which makes it really competitive against Android proposals. The version Mini allows to reduce the necessary budget but involves some sacrifices.

Honorable Mentions

Apple iPhone SE 2020: The power of Apple, for an affordable price. The first review of the affordable iPhone, the SE 2020 offers an extraordinary level of performance for an unbeatable price. It uses the same processor as the iPhone 11 to offer flawless fluidity. However, we blame it for its other components dating from a bygone era (mainly taken from the iPhone 8). They make it less relevant for gamers because of a relatively low battery life (about a day) and a reduced screen diagonal (4.7 ”).

Samsung Galaxy S21: The Korean King of Android. The revival of the high-end Samsung retains its place as the best high-end smartphone thanks to its versatility, marked by careful ergonomics, high power and almost irreproachable photo quality. However, it leans in terms of autonomy, a little low for current standards and therefore less suitable for gamers. The entire range is therefore a wise investment as long as you have the necessary budget.

OnePlus 9 Pro: Extensive software optimization. The 9 Pro marks the return of OnePlus to the high-end segment with a smartphone with everything needed to take on the giants of the market. We therefore find a careful software optimization, sublimating the latest generation Snapdragon 888, a neat 120 Hz QHD + AMOLED panel and a photo part that is improving, even if it lags behind the competition. For the game, it easily exceeds the mobile of Samsung but does not manage to match the tenors of our selection.

How To Choose The Best Gaming Phone For PUBG?

The world of gaming smartphones is just starting to develop and is a very specific market. The main difficulty in finding the model that best suits your needs is linked to the very precise technical elements which make it possible to determine which model to favor.

In order to help you make your choice, we have determined the essential criteria to take into account before any purchase:

  • Processor & Graphics Chipset: This duo will be decisive in choosing your favorite model. They are the heart of your smartphone. A key element allowing you to get the most out of your favorite games by giving them the power they need to run.
  • RAM Memory: It temporarily stores your phone data for easy loading. A large amount of RAM therefore allows you to browse more smoothly, as your phone will not have to continually reload the data it needs.
  • Screen: To get the most out of portable use, it is essential to have a screen with good brightness and good contrast. But for gaming use, you must also pay attention to the refresh rate and the resolution. A high value of these parameters offers better image rendering and more regular updating of information on the screen. Ideal for a fluidity worthy of the name.
  • Battery: The battery capacity (expressed in mAh) influences the autonomy of your smartphone. A more substantial battery will therefore allow you to chain the victories in all serenity, without fear of the unexpected shutdown of your phone. So, high performance implies good capacity.

Then note that the world of gaming is essentially reserved for higher budgets than conventional models. It will therefore not be surprising to find “cheap” models of smartphones usually called mid-range, and so on.

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