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Top 10 Best CPU Coolers under $50 (Review Guide 2021)


Just imagine that your present cooler doesn’t keep your CPU cool; it will result in decreased performance and a shorter lifespan for your expensive processor, so you’ll need to keep your CPU cool for its best operation. As you know, that CPU cooler is an essential component of any custom PC setup. So you’ll wish the best CPU cooler within the affordable range for you. For this purpose, we have the ten best CPU coolers under $50 for you to purchase.

The primary goal of a cooler is to keep your CPU from overheating. Cheap aftermarket coolers also come with RGB lights to brighten up your setup. But don’t forget about the thermal paste. However, if the heat generated by your processor is your primary concern, you may forego features like RGB and LED lighting. Instead, you can acquire a decent quality CPU cooler for less than $50 that will last for years.

In every update or new PC setup, selecting the most excellent cooler for your best CPU is critical. It makes a significant impact in terms of temperature, noise, and performance, especially if you’re overclocking. We’ve compiled a list of the top best CPU coolers under $50 to assist you in making an informed decision. So, let’s have a look at them!

Top 10 Best CPU Coolers under $50

Let’s have a look at the top ten picks!

Cooler Master Hyper 212

Cooler Master Hyper 212

  • Brand: Cooler Master
  • RGB Fan
  • 4 CD 2.0 Heatpipes
  • Brushed Nickel Fins
  • RGB Lighting for AMD Ryzen/Intel
  • Precise air flow
Be quiet! Shadow Rock 3, BK004

Be quiet! Shadow Rock 3, BK004

  • Brand: Be quiet!
  • HDT Technology
  • 120mm PWM high-speed fan
  • Noise Level: 24.4 dB
Noctua NH-D15

Noctua NH-D15

  • Brand: Noctua
  • Premium CPU Cooler
  • 2 highly optimised NF-A15 140mm fans
  • Includes high-end NT-H1 thermal paste
  • Includes SecuFirm2 mounting system
  • 6-year manufacturer’s warranty
Be quiet! Silent Wings BL066

Be quiet! Silent Wings BL066

  • Brand: Be quiet!
  • 3 120mm PWM
  • Air flow - 50.5 CFM
  • Pwm controlled fan speed
  • Seven fan blades offer
ARCTIC Freezer 34 eSports

ARCTIC Freezer 34 eSports DUO

  • Brand: ARCTIC
  • BioniX P-Series Case Fan in Push-Pull
  • 120mm PWM Fan
  • Noise Level 0.5 Sones
Cooler Hyper 212

Cooler Hyper 212

  • Brand: Cooler Master
  • Single Tower CPU cooler
  • 4 direct contact heatpipes.
  • 1x 120mm Silencio FP120 fan included
Intel Fan Heat sink 1151 BXTS15A

Intel Fan Heat sink 1151 BXTS15A

  • Brand: Intel
  • Noise Level: 35 dB
  • Cooling Method: Thermal
  • Processor cooler


  • Brand: Deep Cool
  • 4 Heatpipes
  • 92mm PWM Fan
  • Compact Heatsink Small Size for Intel/AMD CPUs
  • Noise Level: 23.9 dB
Be quiet! Pure Rock 2, BK007

Be quiet! Pure Rock 2, BK007

  • Brand: Be quiet!
  • Elegant Black Surface
  • 2 120mm PWM fan
  • Four high-performance 6mm heat pipes
Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo

Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo

  • Brand: Cooler Master
  • 4 CDC Heatpipes
  • 120mm PWM Fan
  • Aluminum Fins for AMD Ryzen/Intel

Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB CPU Air Cooler – Best Overall

Cooler Master Hyper 212


Here we have a top choice, the Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB CPU Air Cooler, which has pretty earned a place at the top of our list due to the unique features it offers. The Hyper 212 RGB from Cooler Master is the smallest CPU cooler with a strong fan. Furthermore, it employs four copper heat pipes for heat dispersion. Finally, this best CPU cooler under $50 has a strong PWM 120 mm fan to remove the heat.

To cool down your CPU, the fan spin at speeds ranging from 650 to 2000 RPM. It’s simple to put together on AMD and Intel sockets. Surprising, isn’t it? The performance of this CPU Cooler is adequate. However, it can be noisy when operating at full fan speed or under stress. It comes with a wired RGB Controller (C10L) that allows you to adjust the RGB lighting settings and effects. This CPU cooler is ideal for gaming PCs because of its vibrant RGB lights.

  • Offers exceptional value for money

  • 4 Heat Pipes deliver outstanding heat dissipation due to the direct contact technique.
  • Easy Installation.
  • With the push of a button, the wired RGB LED controller enables programmable colours and effects.

  • A little bit expensive than other CPU coolers on this list.

Be quiet! Shadow Rock 3, BK004 CPU Cooler – Runner Up

2. Be quiet! Shadow Rock 3, BK004


Be quiet! CPU Coolers are known for their cutting-edge technology, near-inaudible operation, and superb cooling. With a wide variety of precise optimizations, Be quiet! Shadow Rock 3, BK004 CPU Cooler, provides unrivalled and uncompromising performance. It keeps CPU temperatures low and performance excellent. This air cooler uses a 120mm PWM fan to cool up to 190W TDP while producing just 24.4 dB of noise at its maximum pace of 1,600 rpm.

This best CPU cooler under $50 Intel has 6mm nickel-plated copper direct-contact heat pipes, maximizing heat dissipation and preventing hot CPUs from throttling or causing damage. In addition, the asymmetrical design makes installation a breeze while still allowing room for memory slots and other components. With $50, the Shadow Rock 3 is a fantastic deal that offers powerful performance and quiet operation in a small size.

  • Impressive cooling capabilities.

  • HDT technology is used on five 6mm nickel-plated copper heat pipes.
  • At maximum fan speed, it emits just 24.4dB (A).
  • Asymmetrical design

  • Limited support for AMD and Intel CPU sockets.

Noctua Premium NH-D15 CPU Cooler- Best Low Profil

Noctua NH-D15


The Noctua Premium NH-D15 CPU Cooler is one of the finest CPU coolers that you can purchase. This one features a low profile design that is ideal for compact form factor building. This feature will enable you to build a more miniature PC without sacrificing performance.

The design of the blades is the best thing, as each one has grooves carved into it, and the textured finish of the individual blades has many advantages as well. The best CPU cooler under $50 comes with a single 92 mm fan, which is more than enough to keep the 8600K cool. There is no issue with RAM clearance with this CPU cooler. The cooler also has a noise adaptor that adjusts fan speed and lowers noise. This cooler is ideal if you want silent processing.

  • More fantastic with such a classy design

  • Excellent choice for PCs with a small form factor

  • There is a controller included.

  • It comes with a warranty of six years

  • There are no RGBs.

Be quiet! Silent Wings BL066 Cooling Fan-Best Affordable

Be quiet! Silent Wings BL066


The most popular CPU cooler brand on the market is Be quiet. This company’s high-end air coolers have long dominated the market. Be quiet! Silent Wings BL066 Cooling Fan has funnel-shaped inlets to provide adequate air circulation and high air pressure. It cools your rig quietly with seven airflow and surface-optimized fan blades and a maximum fan speed of 1450 rpm.

This best CPU cooler for ryzen has 4-pin controllers compatible with the fan that can intelligently change the fan’s speed. This CPU cooler, as the name suggests! Even while working at maximum speed, the product produces just 16.4 dB A of noise, making it a perfect solution for heat sinks, PC cases, and radiators. This fan also has Fluid Dynamic Bearing technology, ensuring a long and dependable service life of up to 300,000 hours.

  • Three years warranty

  • The airflow is maximized owing to seven fan blades.

  • Completely silent operation

  • Appealing design

  • Performance can be much better.

ARCTIC Freezer 34 eSports CPU Cooler -Best Performance

ARCTIC Freezer 34 eSports


If you’re searching for a cheap CPU Cooler that can compete with some of the higher-end CPU Air Coolers and AIOs, then it’s the ARCTIC Freezer 34 eSports CPU Cooler. This CPU cooler is a dual-fan CPU cooler with an excellent price-to-performance ratio, making it one of the finest budget CPU coolers available for your gaming or business PC.

The CPU Cooler heat sink has four copper heat pipes in direct contact with the CPU for more excellent heat transfer. In addition, a black thermal coating is there on the heat sink and heat pipes, which results in improved heat dissipation. The CPU Cooler is simple to set up and maintain, and it has excellent RAM compatibility due to its small design. Overall, this is a fantastic affordable CPU cooler that we strongly suggest.

  • Capable of cooling CPUs with a TDP of up to 210W

  • It works with nearly every major Intel and AMD Socket, including the AM4.
  • The CPU Cooler is 157mm tall, and it will fit in most cases without difficulty.
  • The fans utilized in this CPU Cooler enhance cooling performance

  • The fans become noisy at full power.

Cooler Hyper 212 CPU Cooling System – Best Aesthetics

Cooler Hyper 212


Cooler Hyper 212 CPU Cooling System possesses a fantastic feature that is straightforward to set up. In addition, it is compatible with nearly all major CPU sockets, including AMD AM4 and Intel LGA 2066. This black color CPU cooler has anodized gun-metal black with a brushed aluminum surface finish on the top cover for a more sophisticated aesthetic. Additionally, the dark hue aids with heat dispersion and hence boosts performance.

The Silencio FP120 fan that runs at a speed between 650 and 2000 RPM creates 2.9mm H2O static pressure, 42 CFM airflow, and has a maximum noise level of only 26dBA fan is there with this CPU cooler. In addition, the cooler is equipped with four copper heat pipes that use Direct Contact Technology to deliver efficient and effective heat dissipation.

  • Four heat pipes with proprietary direct contact technology effectively dissipate heat.

  • The heat sink’s stacked fin array reduces airflow resistance, allowing cooler air to flow into the heat sink.

  • Upgrading and replacing the fan is simple due to the fan bracket’s intuitive design.

  • Low vibrations and silent fans make it possible to achieve near-inaudible levels.

  • Screws are not much strong for mounting.

Intel Fan Heat sink 1151 BXTS15A CPU Cooler -Best Installation

Intel Fan Heat sink 1151 BXTS15A


Intel Fan is right here with its high-grade CPU cooler to amaze its users with the improved design and unrivalled quality. It comprises a more advanced yet modern design when compared to other models. Let’s take a closer look! Intel Fan Heat sink 1151 BXTS15A CPU Cooler looks fantastic in any PC case and fits many Intel CPU sockets. This cooling system has been designed to deliver optimum cooling.

This CPU offers outstanding cooling performance at an affordable price. The CAM software that comes with it gives you complete control over your CPU cooling. The pump is both quiet and reliable. This best cheap CPU Cooler comes with a warranty of 3 years. It means that you can return this product within a limited warranty if it gets damaged. You should not overlook this CPU cooler!

  • High performance

  • Budget-friendly
  • Quick Installation
  • LGA2011 Socket Compatibility

  • Makes louder noise

DEEPCOOL GAMMAXX C40 CPU Cooler -Best Heat Transfer



DEEPCOOL GAMMAXX C40 CPU Cooler is on our list due to its 120mm fan, which is the best in achieving excellent cooling performance. In addition, the PWM feature allows it to spin between 900 and 1600 RPM, providing plenty of airflows to cool the heat sink while producing very little noise. Furthermore, the innovative holes-on-fins maximizes heat dissipation and accelerates hot air flow out of the heat sink. During passive cooling, these fins promote vertical airflow.

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Moreover, the fins are made to seem like shark fins to add to the product’s attractiveness. To avoid oxidation and promote product lifetime, the heat sink body is entirely nickel-plated. Furthermore, the four pieces of heat pipe immediately contact the processor’s surface, allowing heat to be swiftly transferred to the fins. This cooler can handle any mainstream CPUs with multiple clips, including Intel LGA2011 and AMD FM2/FM1.

  • Best for micro-ATX and mini-ITX systems

  • It has four direct-touch heat pipes
  • 92mm fan to keep everything cool
  • It’s also engineered to be off-center to assure RAM compatibility

  • The noise level is a little high.

Be quiet! Pure Rock 2, BK007 CPU Cooler-Best Design

Be quiet! Pure Rock 2, BK007


If you are looking for a high-quality budget CPU cooler that is extremely quiet and provides excellent performance, then go for Be quiet! Pure Rock 2, BK007 CPU Cooler with a stylish appearance, with an all-black color scheme with a black painted heat sink and fan. The CPU cooler is rated for 150W TDP cooling performance and can efficiently operate a mid-range to a high-end processor.

The cooling performance of this best RGB CPU cooler under $50 is equivalent to the Deepcool Assassin III, and it is extremely quiet! The setup is simple, and it works with a variety of Intel and AMD sockets, including the AM4. In addition, the cooler has good memory compatibility because of its asymmetrical design, and it doesn’t interfere with RAMs with higher heat sinks. Overall, this is a lovely tiny CPU cooler with superb build quality and performance.

  • The high cooling efficiency of 150W TDP

  • HDT technology is used in four high-performance 6mm heat pipes.
  • The asymmetrical design prevents memory slots from being blocked.
  • The installation kit can also be attached to the motherboard from the top.

  • Low fan speeds reduce thermal performance.

Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo CPU Cooler -Best Construction

Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo


The Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo CPU Cooler can fit most PC cases. It’s made to help you get the most out of your computer. The system alternates between active and passive cooling. Four direct-contact pipes are meant to speed up surface-to-surface heat transfer. As a result, the cooling of this dependable solution does not necessitate the use of an energy source. It also works with AMD Ryzen CPUs and motherboards that use the AM4 socket.

The cooler’s fan is particularly unique in comparison to other products in this price range. It features distinctive wave-shaped blades that increase airflow. In addition, the exceptional fan design can drop the operating temperature by 25 degrees below the ambient temperature. These are fantastic, measurable outcomes. It may also be connected to a second 120 mm cooler for even more advanced games or applications.

  • A cooling system with four pipes is unique.

  • Excellent airflow
  • Other 120 mm coolers are compatible.
  • Excellent efficiency.

  • Installation is slightly fussy.

Best CPU Cooler under $50- A Detailed Buying Guide

It’s no exaggeration to state that Cooler Master has set several groundbreaking records regarding desktop processors. However, due to their revolutionary desktop processors series with certain high-end features and details, Be Quite and Arctic Freezer are on the level with it.

But hold on! How can we overlook DEEPCOOL GAMMAXX distinct approach to creating outstanding aesthetics? But, of course, when you have a slew of top-rated models in front of you, things get complicated.

By the way, what’s the catch? Don’t be concerned! Choosing the Best CPU Cooler under $50 is no longer difficult after reading our in-depth purchasing guide. So let’s get this started!

Size of PC Case

You’ll have to pay close attention to the size of your cooling system, mainly if you have limited room in your setup. You could find that several CPU coolers you’re considering are instantly ruled out since they won’t fit in your PC. If you’re shopping for a CPU cooler for around $50, check that it fits in your current tower case.

CPU Cooler Type

There are two main types of cooling systems for computers: air and liquid. A fan circulates air across the heat sink in traditional coolers or air coolers. However, the temperature of the CPU is controlled by liquid CPU coolers, which are more effective and quieter than air cooling systems because the liquid generates a far more efficient heat transfer. Although liquid cooling is more costly than air cooling, recent advancements have made liquid CPU coolers considerably more accessible. For about $50, you can even get an all-in-one liquid cooling system.

Processor Socket Type

The CPU cooler should be mounted with thermal paste to the bracket that keeps your computer’s processor in place. Many of the coolers on our list are universal, fitting all models of Intel and AMD CPUs. Some, on the other hand, are only compatible with particular brands or models.


A well-designed CPU cooler is simple to install, delivers enough power to do the task, and takes up little room in your PC case. Also, search for a CPU cooler having lighting or other design aspects that make your PC appear incredibly fantastic. Because of their design and RGB lighting, many people favor aftermarket CPU coolers.


Although automated fans regulate a cooler’s RPM more accurately, a CPU cooler with speed controls is occasionally preferable. This feature gives you more control over the fan’s speed and aids in overclocking when necessary. Having complete control over the speed of the CPU fan is very useful for power users trying to overclock their processor.


Coolers that move heated air away from your CPU and out of your casing are frequently the loudest. If fan noise is a concern for you, look for a cooler that achieves a decent balance of noise and cooling. It should also assist if you can set your cooler’s fan speeds based on temperatures in your motherboard’s BIOS.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are these CPU coolers worth buying?

CPU coolers are used to disperse heat generated by the processor in the center of your computer. These cooling components’ fans, radiators, and other features allow stored heat energy to move away from crucial functioning parts without destroying the hardware. All the CPU coolers provided in this list have all the necessary features which make them the best coolers.

How to choose the best CPU cooler?

Choosing the best CPU under 50 is not a big challenge once you read our detailed analysis. However, you have to consider a few things to make your purchase worth it, including PC case size, CPU cooler type, processor type, and design of the CPU cooler.

Which is the best CPU cooler under $50?

All the CPU coolers mentioned above are best for cooling. They all provide the fastest service and best experience, but Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB CPU Air Cooler is the best choice as it employs four copper heat pipes for heat dispersion. To cool down your CPU, the fan spin at speeds ranging from 650 to 2000 RPM. It’s simple to put together on AMD and Intel sockets.

Are these CPU coolers compatible with an AMD FX?

Many of the coolers on our list are universal, fitting all models of Intel and AMD CPUs. Some, on the other hand, are only compatible with particular brands or models.

Final Verdict

Finally, I’d like to point out that these low-cost CPU coolers provide excellent cooling performance and are compatible with the newest Intel and AMD CPUs, including Intel Kaby Lake, 8th generation, and 9th generation CPUs, as well as AMD’s Ryzen CPUs. In addition, they are pretty inexpensive, and some of them can fit into even the tiniest of cases.

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When shopping for CPU coolers for a gaming setup around $50, you’ll find a long list of aftermarket coolers. However, you must select those within your budget and not compel you to purchase additional components.

We have found the ten Best CPU Coolers under $50 for you to meet all your requirements. But we strongly recommend the Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB CPU Air Cooler. It’s a great low-cost, low-noise cooler that’s easier to install than prior generations.

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