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Top 4 Best CPU Coolers For Gaming To Get In 2022

Looking to buy a CPU cooler because your PC is getting too hot? Here are the best CPU coolers for gaming that you can consider buying from Amazon.

Our Picks For The Best CPU Cooler For Gaming

After 11 hours of research and analysis with 15 models, the Be quiet! Pure Rock 2 seems to us to be the most suitable for relieving the majority of processors. But if you go for heavy overclocking, go for the Noctua NH-D15 instead.
Our choice, Best inexpensive

Be quiet! Pure Rock 2

Be quiet! Pure Rock 2


With its cooling capacities which approach the models of the higher range, this cooler has a quality / price ratio of the first order and will be appropriate for the majority of the users.

Taking up the torch from the first version, the Pure Rock 2 continues to shine at the entry level. Its high efficiency is wrapped in a sober design that will easily integrate into your configuration. Its only flaws? A little too much noise at full throttle and slightly lower efficiency at low speed. On the other hand, this new version frees the RAM slot blocked by the previous one thanks to a remote base.

Best midrange

Be quiet! Dark Rock 4

Be quiet! Dark Rock 4


An excellent compromise between qualitative cooling and a reasonable budget, it allows you to tackle heavy overclocking while maintaining the temperature at more than reasonable levels, all in silence.

Are you looking for maximum silence without sacrificing performance? Then the Dark Rock series is ideal. It presents the best temperature / noise ratio of the moment in a sober and discreet design. The brand even provides the claws for an additional fan, if you feel the need. Available in several versions (Top Flow and Slim), it easily adapts to all your configurations, regardless of their format. The version Pro comes to pose as THE top-of-the-range solution if you want a balance between maximum cooling and silence.

Best high end

Noctua NH-D15

Noctua NH-D15


If you are looking for pure performance, then this model is THE benchmark. This dual-tower cooler even competes with water-cooled models! On the other hand, pay attention to its rather substantial size.

Noctua has long been recognized in the field of high-end coolers. Whether in its standard version or in, the NH-D15 is no exception to the rule by presenting first-rate performance and meticulous finishes. Unfortunately, these exceptional performances come at a price: a significant weight and a higher noise level than the competition.

Cheap alternative

Noctua NH-L9i

Noctua NH-L9i


The only top flow in our selection and ideal for compact configurations, it competes with some larger models while remaining quiet. And despite its price, its finishes are as neat as on the other products of the brand.

For the L9i, Noctua adopts the Top Flow format, which intends it for use in compact configurations such as a living room multimedia system. Despite its less efficient format than the tower models, it manages to maintain good temperatures. It is also available in, more sober, and in AM4, for latest generation AMD sockets.

Honorable Mentions

Noctua NH-U12S: between its quality worthy of a high-end and its first-rate cooling / size ratio, the NH-U12S is ideal for owners of compact configurations who want to try their hand at l ‘overclocking. Its size allows it to leave enough room for RAM slots and its ease of installation serves as a benchmark. It also exists in TR4 for AMD Threadripper processors and, with a black finish.

Noctua NH-U14S: the brand’s tower format solution, it offers high performance while remaining relatively compact. It may be suitable for overclocking and does not block RAM. However, it will tend to be noisy when used at full throttle due to its single fan. It is currently the most upscale model with a version compatible with Threadripper at Noctua.

How To Choose The Best CPU Coolers For Gaming?

To determine which cooler is right for you, it is necessary to take an interest in the intended use. And if you want to overclock, the budget will necessarily be higher, in order to benefit from optimal performance. We have deliberately left aside the watercooling solutions which require a certain mastery to be effectively installed.

To help you with your choice, we’ve identified the following factors to consider before purchasing:

  • Type of Cooler: There are currently 3 main types of cooler: towers (and double towers), top flow and passive. In this article, we will leave these out because they are less efficient than their fan-powered counterparts. Depending on your use and your configuration, it will be necessary to choose one or the other. Towers are more efficient but larger where the top flows are much less imposing and are generally intended for compact configurations.
  • Maximum TDP: it determines which types of processors your cooler can handle it. This value, expressed in Watts, allows you to determine the power of your processor and, consequently, the heat it could generate. It is necessary to adapt your fan to this power in order to avoid any overheating which could damage your equipment.
  • Compatibility: since the cooler attaches to your processor socket, you must ensure compatibility between the two. The majority of current models are normally compatible with all sockets on the market, with the exception of AMD’s Threadripper processors, which generally require a dedicated version. However, check this criterion when purchasing. Intel enthusiasts will be pleased to learn that the latest socket, the LGA-1200, is backward compatible with LGA-115x coolers.
  • Weight & Size: just like the type of cooler, it will influence your choice. Indeed, two fans of the same type can have very different sizes, which can prevent you from installing them in your case. In addition, the weight of this part must also be taken into account as a model weighing more than 1 kg can easily damage your motherboard when traveling. It will therefore be necessary, in this case, to provide reinforcements to secure the assembly.
  • Noise Level: this criterion mainly concerns people who pay great attention to the noise pollution of their configuration. A fan running at full speed can cause vibrations which can sometimes be annoying if you are not using headphones. In this area, Be Quiet! dominates at all levels with products optimized in this sense.

Note: Even if your processor has a dedicated system, it is also necessary that a sufficient air flow is generated in the case to cool the other components of the system. So do not hesitate to also consult our selection of the best case fans.

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