ASUS Maximus VI. The replacement of the Republic of Gamers boards with the Z87 chipset arrives


The three models with socket LGA 1150 y chipset Z87 will be the MAXIMUS VI Extreme for those looking for the maximum overlock capabilities and performance, the MAXIMUS VI Gene in a reduced mATX format for those looking for a small size but high performance equipment and the new MAXIMUS VI Hero series, the replacement of the previous MAXIMUS Formula, where the maximum performance for games is sought, with overclocking capabilities through simple applications and at a reduced price, will in fact be cheaper than the previous Maximus Formula that it replaces.

We will start talking about the latter, the new addition to the range, the Maximus VI Hero, a board where in its creation the preferences of users have been taken into account when choosing computer components, where the CPU and graphics are in first place and the motherboard is one of the last components, that is why the new Hero will be priced lower, as previously the Maximus formula used to be priced above the more popular processors, allowing access to ROG-range boards for a cheapest price below $ 200.

However, the most representative components of the ASUS range of players are not lacking, the new Hero has the same black and red finishes, advanced overcxock systems through software or through the UEFI BIOS itself, sound card SupremeFX and power options for maximum performance with a simple button.

The ASUS MAXIMUS VI Extreme continues to be the company’s highest-end model for the new Z87 platform and 4th Generation Intel Core processors, adding new features such as the third version of the DIGI + III for exhaustive power control and overclocking with high-efficiency NexFET MOSFETs or metal capacitors. We also have the MPCIE Combo II, a module with a network card that offers dual-band WiFi ac connectivity and Bluetooth 4.0, also on the back it has an M.2 socket to connect an SSD through PCIe 2.0 or SATA 6Gb / s , making the most of the space.

In addition, as has been customary for a few years, a new device has been presented for external overclocking, the OC Panel, a kind of external module where we can define values ​​to overclock directly on the motherboard, for which we will have to connect it to the front of the computer, where it will also function as a kind of monitor with its screen.

ASUS Maximus VI. The replacement of the Republic of Gamers boards with the Z87 chipset arrives, Image 2

Another interesting feature is the inclusion of a system of Secure Erase for SSD integrated in the BIOS itself so it is possible to carry out this task of secure erasure to leave the SSDs at their maximum performance without the need for a bootable operating system or any specific tool for each SSD. Also included is the ROG RAMDisk, a system to create virtual hard drives made up of RAM memory, much faster than any SSD, with speeds that can reach 10 GB / s. Something very useful to use as an intermediate cache.

Also included perfect voice, a noise reduction system for VOIP communications and the curious Sonic Radar, a software that will show us a kind of radar in FPS games, and will show us in which direction the shots or threats are coming based on the sound signals generated by the game itself.

Finally the ASUS ROG VI GENE brings together all the power and features of the ROG series of Z87 motherboards in one mATX format ideal for small towers but without sacrificing maximum performance and advanced capabilities for overclocking or gaming.

ASUS Maximus VI. The replacement of the Republic of Gamers boards with the Z87 chipset arrives, Image 3

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